Here you have the dubious pleasure of casting your dramatical eyes over our sketches, skits, dramas, plays and ideas for drama. Let the cathartic process begin – the willing suspension of disbelief.. disbelief that anyone could write such bad sketches.. Apologies in advance.

When I think of drama (and I speak as an ex-drama student), my mind sways back to those mind numbingly dull plays that my (admittedly awesome) drama teacher told me were ‘classics.’ Not! Other times my mind sees really cheesey Christian dramas that quite frankly leave me cold or make me leave and get out into the cold. We hope and pray these dramas aren’t like that!

Either way, please feel free to develop, change and cast aside any sketches you want to!

For all the good sketches, we are indebted to the inspiration of the Holy Spirit… For others we include the cerebral cortexes of Ben L, Steve T, Chris W and other creative minds. For the rest… well, we’ll leave you to decide…

We’ve got a number of seasonal sketches – Christmas dramas, an Easter one and others you can amend to your heart’s delight.

There’s a CSI Jerusalem drama in the style of ‘CSI’ submitted by Kelly Virgo from Crawley.