Glass Half Full

What kind of person are you and what kind of person could or should you be?

Optical Illusions

First of all let’s look at some optical illusions…

If you want to use existing pages, try the two pages below – or use the images we’ve taken from Wikipedia (and credited as appropriate unless public domain). (accessed June 3rd 2021) (accessed June 3rd 2021)

1. What Two Shapes Can You See?

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2. Kanizsa’s Triangle – how many triangles can you see?

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3. Which end of the grey line is darker?

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4. Count All The Black Dots

5. Is This Moving?

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6. Are All The Lines Parallel?

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7. Which Orange Circle is Larger?

Optical Illusion Answers

  1. Reversible face figures and a vase depending on where you focus
  2. There is only one triangle but your brain creates a second ‘invisible’ triangle
  3. Both ends of the grey line are the same. The background colours seem to make the right side darker
  4. There are no black dots, only white dots
  5. There is no movement but the construction of circles and colours makes it appear it is
  6. All the lines are parallel
  7. Both orange dots are the same size. The relationship with the bluey dots surrounding each image makes them appear smaller (left) and larger (right)


So what kind of people should or could we be? Our perspective can be dependent on things around us or how we’ve been brought up and the things we’ve faced in life. But the truth is that we are all equal and we can all equally help others around us. When Covid-19 hit, one thing we learned is how fragile life can be and how we should value each other. Another thing we learned is that we are dependent on each other and that each of our actions can affect others for good or for bad.

This is what Jesus said in the Bible:

A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.

What Jesus was saying is that ‘what you put in is what you get out’. So if we put in good things into our lives we can expect good things to come out. Good things will be things that help others and help us. But if we fill our minds with bad, negative and hateful things, this is what we will be full of and this will damage ourselves and others.


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So what kind of person are you going to be in life? Someone who is half-empty or half-full?

Let me leave you with the words of God who gives each one of us the choice between choosing life (good things) or choosing death (bad things). I want to encourage you to ‘Choose Life’. You can ask God any time to help you too. He’s always only one prayer away, no matter what.