Get Out!

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Bible Passage: 1 Corinthians 5

The scene set with 2 leaders sitting as members of the ‘Expel the immoral brother’ club. A new member is joining. A ‘masonic’ type handshake starts the meeting as the new member joins. This should be made as absurd as possible, with various under the leg handshakes, noises and anything else you can think of. Steve T on the mix for this one. 

They then get down to expelling people – from the club. The list is ‘blank’ – they are ‘guided’ by the Spirit to name names. One by one people in the youth group are expelled for immorality, greed, theft etc.

Basically, to expel a member for a ‘sin’, go through the Bible text and add some of your own – eg. lust (must be shouted), being an Aston Villa fan, liking country music etc…

The new member is initially reluctant but gradually cottons on. Then the new member is expelled – then the other leader. The final (and main) member then expels himself for pride and no-one is left.

The sketch below is to give you some ideas!


(2 leaders sat in a room on the same side of the table).

Leader 1 – Well, we’re early for the meeting.

Leader 2 – I’m getting very disappointed. I mean, We’ve fired many people from the church for being immoral. We’ve had to expel the other members of the ‘expel the immoral brother club’ for being far too immoral, certainly compared to us. These latest members seem to be no different. 

Leader 1 – Well, we’ll assess them one by one and see how immoral they are.

New member – (enters). Sorry brothers, I was caught in traffic. 

Leader 2 – Caught in traffic. Brother, I hope that you didn’t speed in any way to get here. We cannot have immoral brothers in this club…

New member – Er, I may have slightly exceeded the limit.

Leader 2 – Brother, I have never exceeded the speed limit. 

New member – I was stuck behind a woman driving in front.

Leader 1 and 2 – (together). Woman? (Look at each other and then turn back to face New Member and shout together). LUST!!!

New member – I was just saying…

Leader 2 – (interrupts). Silence. Now, we have a strict regime of organ recitals at our meetings. Brother, I presume you can play the organ?

New Member – The organ? No, I’m sorry, I don’t know how to play. I can play guitar.

Leader 1 – (in disbelief) Guitar? Guitar? Get thee behind me Satan!!

New Member – Brothers, what are you talking about? I’m just saying I play guitar. I listen to country worship music…

Leader 1 and 2 – (shout together). Country music?!!! Expel the immoral brother! Get out, get out you immoral sinner!!

New member – (hurries out of the room)

Leader 1 – (outraged and fuming, still shouting) You godless beast, you hideous harlot, you foul festerer of sinful vermin!!

Leader 2 – (calms Leader 1 down). Brother, I feel that your language has gone too far. Unlike me, who was expressing a righteous indignation, you have strayed into the realm of godless anger.

Leader 1 – I confess my sin, brother. I shall resign my membership of the expel the immoral brother club immediately, in shame. (He slowly leaves the room, head bowed).

Leader 2 – Well, that leaves just me. I’m glad there is but one righteous man left here…


Come to think of it, there was only one righteous man, Jesus. I am guilty of pride. I confess my pride, but it does mean that I must expel myself from the ‘expel the immoral brother’ club…

(He exits, leaving an empty stage)


The point is that the Bible calls us to live holy and pure lives. 1 Corinthians 5 points out some of the horrible sins that some of the Corinthian church were doing. Paul writes to say don’t associate with believers who then sin sexually, worship idols and more. In verse 13 of the Chapter Paul quotes from Deuteronomy 17.7 (and other verses in Deuteronomy) where God commanded the Israelites to get rid of the evil from among them.

However, we must also recognise that we have all sinned (Romans 3.23) and we all have struggles (Romans 7.14-25). However, God has commanded us to be holy as he is holy (1 Peter 1.16 quoting from Leviticus 1. In Christ we should live in freedom (not under the law) but not use our freedom as an excuse to sin.