Welcome to the Sessions Section

These are mostly complete Bible and youth work sessions involving talks, ideas, games, media ideas and more depending on the individual session. The talks section is generally just talk outlines. We pray these help you and inspire you to even greater God heights!

Many of these have lots of stuff to choose from so as ever use what is appropriate and add, amend where necessary. Take ideas and mix and match with other sections on the website. You’ll find good nuggets here for small groups, quiet times and even assemblies.

For further ideas, look at the small groups or quiet-times which may help. If there aren’t enough sessions here for your liking, or not on the right theme – why not use the talks section and use with some games and movie clips.

Check out the assemblies page for short youth sessions or talks with both Christian and unchurched youth groups. Most assemblies include facts and figures, stories, movie clips relevant to the point and a short wrap-up summary talking about God and/or Christian beliefs / ethos. These are like short sessions, so click through and use what you can!