Personality Strengths

This is a creative section with one simple aim – to look at personality strengths. 

There are two simple A4 size PDFs to download to look at encouraging strengths in people, building each other up and to look at what the Bible says that God looks for in his children!

Note before using

These exercises are for building people up and list different skills that people have. 

However, remember three things… Firstly, most people show these skills in various ways at various times. Secondly, people may have skills but may not be their main skills. Finally, there is always the chance that someone may want others to see certain skills in them and be disappointed if they do not.

So the exercise is a good one but make the proviso that not ticking something doesn’t mean someone isn’t like that but that it may not be as displayed in them as it is in others. The purpose is to build up so that must be stated before, during and after the exercise!

I’d also suggest getting a packet of Cadburys Heros or something similar to give out at the end to everyone.

Personality Strengths Exercise – PDF Download

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Bible Personality Strengths – PDF Download

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