Welcome to the Creative Section

The Creative section is a practical – info – advice – fun – thinking category! Check out our challenges page – a kind of blog challenging you in your perceptions of church and Christian life. You may not agree but check yourself and it 😉 

Additionally, you’ll find themed nights, facts relating to young people (mostly UK but some US), funny facts, stories and illuminations from the web, some howlers from church bulletins and lots of ideas for you to use.

It also has practical advice and tips about evangelism, weekends away, writing your own creed (from the Bible!!) and more. There are also a set of controversial challenges about youth work and the church to make you think.

If you’re looking for the pages on detached work, discipline tips, evaluating young people involvement, working with youth leaders / helpers, safety and making changes, please visit the training section of myfishbites. 

If you’re looking for the info on MC-ing, DJ-ing and hip hop culture, these are now in the hip hop section.