Forrest Gump


There are many moments in the movie when Forrest shows great persistence and patience. For example when Forrest runs across the country. This is also quite funny a funny clip.


Forrest’s commitment to Jenny despite all her problems. Even when she is dying he agrees to marry her and to love and look after little Forrest. The clip to use would be at the end of the movie with the wedding.


When Forrest rescues his comrades during a bombing in Vietnam. He goes back time after time to get different members of his squad unhesitatingly.


The movie was so successful because it was about hope and offered hope. It was an inspirational story. The whole movie is about hope conquering despair and problems. This is what people need in their lives. Hope can be when Forrest takes over Bubba’s idea of a shrimp boat. All the other boats get destroyed but Forrest’s boat survives and through it he gains financial reward, not that this is his priority.


This is a movie about faith. Not faith that we express towards Jesus as his disciples, but a kind of faith. Forrest demonstrates this faith

Overcoming disability and adversity

You can use this film to show Forrest overcoming adversity by showing the clip at the start of the movie when Forrest runs from people bullying him. Secondly, Forrest has a mental disability but he overcomes this and his true loving self shines though. We should treat people as Forrest does.

Life and death

This is a movie about real life. Forrest’s mum dies, Jenny dies. But little Forrest is born. Lieutenant Dan survives his depression to work with Forrest.