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The beach sketch

Characters: Peter, Thomas, Nathanael, John, disciple 1, disciple 2, disciple 3, Jesus

Scene 1

(…All the disciples sat on the beach by their boat)

Thomas: So come on lads who saw the game last night… Galilee Town FC useless as always.

John: Tell me about it, Julius Rooney, more like Julius Ruined, couldn’t get the ball in the net if it was right in front of him

Thomas: which it was…

Peter: Lads can we not talk about football it’s so depressing. We all know Galilee suck but Jerusalem are even worse.

Nathanael: Yeah I still can’t believe they got beaten by Bethany, they had a goat in goal

Disciple 1: You know it just ain’t the same anymore

Disciple 2: What do you mean?

Disciple 1: Well when Jesus was here we’d have been turning the sand into bread or healing some blind guy but now all we do is sit here and talk.

Peter: Yeah it was way better back then, it all changed that night

Disciple 3: But it’s gonna ba alright soon, everyone believes he’s back now

Disciple 1: But it’s not gonna be the same, I just want things back the way they were.

John: It’s gone be alright, you’ll see it’ll all be better than it ever was before

Disciple 2: Well of course you’d say that, you were always his favourite

John: I was never his favourite

Disciple 3: Of course you were, you always got picked first for stuff, like that time when he sent 72 people out you were the first one picked me and Sam from Bethany left till last as always.

Peter: Guys come on let’s not argue, I’m going fishing, at least I can get that right, whose coming with me?

(…All the disciples grab the boat and drag down to the sea and climb in)

Scene 2

(…Disciples on boat, with net, throwing the net into water but not getting anything…)

Peter: Come on guys on 3, 1…,2…,3

(…Disciples throw net into the water…)

Thomas: Nothing, it’s no use guys we’re not gonna catch anything

Nathanael: Come on Tom, you know that attitude never helps, you can’t doubt everything

Thomas: Just watch me

Disciple 2: Come on let’s try again 1…,2…,3

(…Disciples throw net into the water…)

Disciple 1: No, nothing again let’s just keep trying we’re bound to get something eventually

Scene 3

(…Disciples on boat with net, throwing the net into water but not getting anything, Jesus on the shore…)

Disciple 3: 1…,2…,3…

(…Disciples throw net into the water…)

John: Still nothing, we’ve been out here all night we’re not going to get anything let’s just call it a night

Jesus: (Shout) Hey!! Have you got anything?

All Disciples: (shout) NO!!

Jesus: (shout) Try throwing the net on the other side

Disciple 1: it’s gotta be worth a try…1…,2…,3

(…Disciples throw net into the water…)

Nathanael: Wow, look at that guys we’ll never get this on board it’ll break the net

John: (To Peter) It’s Jesus

(…Peter grabs his coat and jumps out of the boat and swims as fast as he can to shore…)

(…The other disciples start rowing the boat to shore…)

Scene 4

(…All disciples on beach with Jesus round a fire…)

Jesus: Hey guys grab some of those fish you’ve got and chuck em on the fire

(…Disciple 1 and 2 go to get some fish and bring them back onto the fire…)

Disciple 3: So erm.. Jesus.. did it hurt??

Nathanael: What being crucified, of course it hurt you nutter!!

Jesus: Yes, it hurt, it hurt a lot, but it was worth it….everyone breakfast’s up

(…disciples grab some breakfast and eat…)

Jesus: (to Peter) Peter come with me for a moment

(…Jesus and Peter head off down the beach…)