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I’m sure there was one… Ah yes, to think about how much youth workers can end up doing for young people. Encouraging responsibility and delegating with a mentoring support is the best thing we can do for our young people – get them trained and involved early with discipleship and as you continue in prayer, watch them take ownership and flourish. It’s also about not overdoing it as a youth leader and keeping boundaries! Don’t do what happens in the sketch!!

Take the sketch – adapt it to your needs, tailor it to your situation and exaggerate everything!

The sketch

Young Person – What’s going on this Sunday? Is there a youth service?

Leader – Yes, there is a youth service… as I told you yesterday, and the day before, oh, and the day before that, by e-mail, text, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat, phone call and via a passing plane with a big sign hanging off the back of it.

Young Person – Are you going to do it?

Leader – Hang on a minute (pretends to check his diary). Yes. It’s me, again. Mike Pilivachi was booked but he’s on holiday. Matt Redman couldn’t make it, the Pope is in Moldova this weekend. So I’ll be preparing it – as usual.

Young Person – Hmm. And will there be a few worship songs?

Leader – Yes. I’ll be singing. I’ll be singing, playing the guitar, pressing play on the mp3 player to play the song I remixed, while I attach a bass drum to my foot and play the cymbal with my left nostril. Do you want me to sing on your behalf too?

Young Person – Hmm. Thing is, my homework from college is a bit difficult.

Leader – I suppose a homework club would be useful. I think I can fit it in this Saturday night – is 3am good for you? Thing is, I wouldn’t want to put you out. But I’ve got to do my shopping, paint the house, run youth club, attend a prayer meeting, walk the dog 5 times, do the washing, walk next door’s giraffe and learn Lithuanian. So a homework club should be possible at 3am.

Young Person – Umm, yes.

Leader – Or shall I just do your homework for you?

Young Person – Hmm. Also, there’s this girl

Leader – Do you want me to ask her out for you? Would you like me to write down some chat up lines for you? Or do you just want me to go out with her for you?

Young Person – No, no – I mean, what d’you think…

Leader – What? Do you want me to think for you? Do you have your own mind? Or do you want my mind? There’s not much of it left I’m afraid, I’m very old, was 25 last week, going on 55…

Young Person – Hmm. I’m just not sure.

Leader – Or perhaps you’d like me to decide whether you like her.

Young Person – If you would. It’s just that it’s difficult to always decide things. You know?

Leader – Of course. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to clean the church, visit all the other young people in the youth group and attend to all their needs. Then I need to do home visits for all the other youth leaders, pray over everyone in the youth work for an hour each and prepare the pastor’s sermon notes. Oh and I think I’m leading worship on Sunday too.


Is this leader demonstrating good leadership!? Why not? What are the characteristics of a good leader? Take a look in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1.5-9. What does the Bible say about leadership? Look through 1 and 2 Kings and find some good and bad leaders. What made them good or bad? (Examples are 2 Kings 21 with Manasseh as a evil King of Judah and 2 Kings 22 where Josiah is a God fearing King of Judah)

What about you as a leader? Do you simply do things on behalf of other people? Are you good at releasing young people? Have you built up a ‘dependency culture’ where the young people are too dependent on you and your faith? Jesus made disciples not a fan club.