Prince Caspian

This is the second of the Narnia films made by Disney. It is more ‘scary’ and has more battle scenes in than the first Narnia movie. But it has so many truths and points in it that we can learn from. The movie is well worth adding to your collection. Have a look through the points we’ve gathered together and all the best using them with your groups!


Chapter 14 – 1:21:54 to 1:30:07 (could end at 1:28:07 with Caspian sitting looking out on a rock)

First of all Caspian and then Peter are tempted by the mirror of the Ice Queen. Edmund then comes along, kills the Queen and smashes the glass, wrecking the illusion and breaking the power of the temptation. Great line from Edmund to Peter, “I know.. You had it sorted..” Behind the glass on the wall they see a stone carving of Aslan and it is a sobering moment.

The power of faith / trust (as Lucy shows in Aslan after she believes that she has seen him) / God is always with us

Chapter 18 – 1.53.59 to 1:58:53

Aslan lets us know that things don’t always happen the same twice / that we can never know what would have happened – and that the future is certain! In the battle scene, things begin to look hopeless but we know that even in our darkest hour, God is there with us and working on our behalf! God often sends creative solutions to our problems too – in this case, the trees with their roots!!

God is in charge of the elements / God’s judgement

Chapter 19 – 1:58:54 to 2:01:20

We see Aslan on one side of the river command the waves to move. The waves come together in the shape of a God-like man who then destroys the enemies. This has very strong undertones of the Red Sea Crossing in Exodus when God destroyed the Egyptians. The Egyptians were a type of devil / demonic enemy and God’s dealings with them are evidence of the truth that God day will (has) defeated the enemy and will bring judgement on the world – not because he’s unfair, but because he is just and evil deserves punishment (the wages of sin is death) but we know that in Jesus we have eternal life because of what he has done. In the clip, it is Aslan that brings the victory (even though the others play their part).

God is a good God / God is a healer

Chapter 20 – 2:01:21 to 2:05:56

In this clip, we find Lucy’s potion bringing life to a dying mouse warrior. Then Aslan goes on to restore his battle-chopped tail to its full glory! We are reminded that God is our healer and longs to give good things and good gifts to his children 🙂

Times and seasons

Chapter 21 – 2:05:57 to the end of the movie at 2:12:12 as the tube train exits and fade to black

In this we bid farewell to the children as they return home. But for Peter and for Susan, there will be no return back to Narnia as they are too old. We learn from Aslan that ‘all things have their time’ in echoes of Ecclesiates 3 (“There is a time for everything…”)