Prince of Persia

This Disney produced DVD is a 12 and pretty harmless movie overall.

Life, Creation and the Enemy’s Plan

Chapter 12 – 01:00:00 – 01:02:14 (“The storm’s passed”)

This is talking about the ‘sand gods’ and ‘one girl who offered her life for good’. Mythology for sure but in a way it could be related to both the flood and the sacrifice of Jesus.

It then goes on to describe the evil plans of ‘Nizam’ which can be easily related to the work and ways of the devil who wants to destroy all that God has made and done.


Chapter 12 – 1:02:43 to 1:04:00

This is a short clip about wrath and judgement. Yes it’s all a bit fictional to do with an hourglass, a dagger and the ‘sand gods’ etc but from this you can make a point about God’s wrath at the end of time / judgement that we find in Revelation and other places in the Bible.

The Serpent – the enemy

Chapter 13 – 1:06:08 (scene goes to night) – 1:07:57 (“We have to get out of here”)

Very slighty disturbing bit – only in the way that you see the vipers attack a camp and the men have to fight them off. Dastan kills several snakes in the scene.

In the beginning the serpent (Satan) tempted Adam and Eve. We have an enemy who is very real and more evil than the snakes in this scene. But we have been given authority over the work of the devil (through the name and blood of Jesus and what Jesus did at the cross). So we need to fight him off from our minds (his lies and wrong things he puts in our head) and through the Bible, the sharp two-edged sword that God has given us!

Prayer and Unity

Chapter 14 – 1:11:50 – 1:12:43 (stop it before Garcia gets shot by arrows which is also the start of Chapter 15).

Dastan and brother Garcia. Dastan spoke of how his father was praying that the bond between brothers would keep strong and keep the Empire alive.

Many places in the Bible talk about unity. Jesus prayed for the disciples that they would be one just as he was one with his Father in heaven (John 17.20-26).