Great movie with lots of animated fun and a story of how some aninmals in a New York zoo break out to explore the world, with the help of a crack squad of Penguins – ending up in Madagascar on a desert island with lots of fun characters!

Thanks to KH for her points from this movie.

Back to your roots / What you wish for in life

Chapter 2 (08:39 – 11.25 mins). It’s Marty’s birthday. He wants to go back to the wild and to a life beyond the walls of the zoo.

Friendship / Sticking together

Chapter 3 (19:37 – 21:39 mins). Alex, Gloria and Melman are at Grand Central Station looking for Marty.

Friendship / Loyalty

Chapter 6 (17:32 – 28:46 mins). This is where Marty leaves the zoo to go to find the wild. The others then follow him to Grand Central Station where they find Marty.


Chapter 12-13 (44:26 – 50:50 mins). Alex & Marty fall out and set up camp on opposite sides of the island. Alex realises his mistake and asks Marty for forgiveness.

Note this clip can start in Chapter 11 where Alex & Marty build different ‘huts’ on the beach and fall out. The trouble with these 3 chapters is that it inevitably cuts to other scenes in between the Alex & Marty dialogues. So it’s a case of watching part of it, or editing!


Chapter 17 (1:09:40 – 1:12:47). Marty is being chased by the possums when the penguins come to help. Then Gloria/Melman, then Alex comes.