Eddie the Eagle

Eddie The Eagle

Warning – spoiler alerts

One of my favourite movies. Rated PG in the UK for ‘mild sex references, mild bad language.’ This proves that the UK film industry can produce uplifting movies that are genuinely funny, without resorting to ‘northern stereotypes’, depressing endings or dragging humour through the mud…

The movie is based on the true story of Eddie The Eagle, who was Britain’s first ski jumper for many years when he competed at the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, Canada. 

The main themes through the movie are perseverance – not giving up – keeping on going despite what others say – believing in yourself – having a dream – achieving your dream – family – enthusiasm (indomitable contagious enthusiasm).

There are so many clips of perseverance and keeping on going that it’s quite hard to pick one out. Everyone should have a copy of the movie but just in case, we’ve linked to the promo on YouTube and a clip of the original Eddie The Eagle.

Three moments to be aware of before viewing whole film

In the starting section, Eddie’s dad uses the word ‘b****y’ at 00:04:41.

In Chapter 2 (around 00:18:16 – 00:19:08), Eddie is forced to sleep in the basement of a restaurant when in Germany. The female owner of the bar makes some slightly suggestive comments to Eddie, who turns her down.

The more ‘dodgy’ scene is in Chapter 5 from 00:43:30 – 00:45:00 when Bronson (Hugh Jackman) is teaching Eddie how to land. In teaching Eddie what to do, Bronson likens it to making love. So just be aware of this scene which is quite out of keeping with the movie in some ways.

It starts with Hugh saying, ‘who’s your favourite female movie star’ and ends with Eddie saying ‘it is in England, yeah.’

Chapter 1 – I’m going to the Olympics – determination, enthusiasm

The starting titles through to 00:06:35 (ending on the title ‘Eddie The Eagle’).

The clip goes through the various mishaps the young Eddie has – all overcome with his determination and enthusiasm. It’s brilliantly done and very funny (just be aware of the swearing at 4:41).

Chapter 3 – I fall down but I get back up again

00:22:28 – 00:25:08 – Eddie keeps trying on the 40m slope but keeps falling over. But he keeps on getting back up, even though Bronson tells him to get off the slope.

Chapter 5 – Never give up no matter what

00:40:02 – 00:43:05 – Eddie won’t give up. Bronson is forced to confront his past. We learn that it isn’t just about having a God-given gift, but about doing your best.

There are a huge number of other clips in this vein – basically the whole movie. One other moment would be when the arrogant British Olympic Committee tell Eddie he has to jump 61m… which he does… meaning he can go to the Olympics. 

Chapter 9 – This Is Your Moment

01:18:30 – 01:21:46 – as they walk out of shot and Eddie reminds Bronson that smoking cigarettes is more dangerous than jumping 90m.

This is an excellent clip and encapsulates the whole movie and Eddie as a character.

Jumps Away / Step Of Faith

The pinnacle of the movie…

01:24:02 (‘Edwards’) – 01:32:54 (crowd cheering Eddie and Bronson).


This clip is about Bronson making things right with his former coach

01:32:57 (the locker room) – 01:35:08 (drinking milk on the flight).

VIDEO – Eddie The Eagle Promo (Youtube)

Direct Youtube Link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AN5PBM8vKfs

The original Eddie The Edwards (Youtube)

Direct Link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1aWsFpg3To