Voyage of Dawntreader

The Voyage Of The Dawntreader

For this we’ve focused on the end of the movie. There are so many points that can be made that it’s hard to edit them down to a small amount. But here are a few…

Chapters given are for the DVD. Timings are for downloads etc.

Extraordinary Things

Chapter 17.

01:04:20 – 01:05:35 – The words from Reepicheep to the Eustace the dragon are worth hearing…

“Extraordinary things only happen to extraordinary people… Maybe it’s a sign that you’ve got an extraordinary destiny – something greater than you could have imagined…”

Guided by the star

Chapter 18.

01:05:33 – 01:06:42 – they see the star in the sky and are guided by it. But just as with the Wise Men visiting Jesus in the Bible, it’s not all plain sailing…

Finding Your Purpose

Chapter 18-19. Eustace finds his purpose.

01:06:43 – 01:08:17 – Eustace as the dragon, tugs the boat to the island. The mouse ends the scene by saying ‘Extraordinary Eustace, extraordinary!’


Chapter 20 .

01:15:32 – 01:16:16 – the battle awaits but initially Eustace is scared. ‘A noble warrior does not run from fear.’ Eustace heads in to the battle.

Later, Eustace will fight the sea monster and breathe fire at it – running to the battle not away from it.

Facing Your Fears

Chapter 21.

01:17:06 – 01:19:00 – the crew of the ship have to face their fears in the green mist which gives them nightmares. Edmund has to battle with the ghost of the wicked Queen. People hear their fears. Later, Edmund and Eustace will have to battle their fears again and overcome them.

God Working All Things For Good

Chapter 22.

01:22:00 – 01:22:56 – the final sword that is needed to destroy evil is thrown into Eustace by a man who’s been driven mad. Eustace flees the scene. Lucy offers up a prayer to Aslan ‘please help us.’ Aslan does answer. Next minute Edmund finds himself away from the evil island and marooned on a sandbank.

Chapter 23.

01:24:27 – 01:25:29 – Eustace wakes up and is met by Aslan. He is changed from being a dragon and lifted from being on the sandbank to the land where he can place the sword and break the spell.

Fighting Evil and Resisting Temptation

Chapter 23.

01:26:04 – 01:28:55 – Eustace and Peter overcome the evil and Edmund resists temptation.


Chapter 25.

01:34:29 – 01:36:59.

Reepicheep coughs and asks Aslan to go to the ‘your country’ (heaven) saying he has dreamt of seeing Aslan’s country with his own eyes. Aslan grants his request and off he goes.

The children and Prince Caspian remain in their worlds as that is where they are needed.

Both are true for us – we long for heaven but we live on earth where God needs us until our time.