Drop to the bottom to download the Myfishbites PDF Journal (30 days as two A5 pages on A4). If you’d like a proper print version, please contact us with your address and we’ll send you one, subject to availability!

There are 2 versions – one with Bible verses and one without Bible verses.

Connecting with God

There are all kinds of ways to connect with God each day….

– We read our Bible

– We pray

-We live out a Christian life

– We listen to God and are sensitive to the Holy Spirit speaking

– We worship in music and in ways God speaks to us

– We meet with other Christians and have fun, enjoy life and talk about God

– We use Bible notes or daily reading notes

– We write down what God is saying, what he’s done and what we’d like to see happen


Some quiet-time notes / daily notes have spaces for us to answer questions. There are examples here on myfishbites in the small groups section

But one way is to create your own diary that you can personalise, write on, draw on and express the things God ios speaking to you in your own way.

Others write down their thoughts on Bible verses of what God is saying and doing.

There may also be ways of challenging ourselves in our Christian life, our walk with God and in ways which we can improve life.

One thing you can do is to buy your own diary or journal – or create your own.

Be Intentional

A journal is about being intentional in your Christian life and how it impacts everything you say and do and think. So you can create your own journal – fill it with intentional questions to ask yourself and to challenge yourself.

– How am I going to think God thoughts today? What do they look like?

– When you read a Bible verse, ask how this will affect your behaviour and choices

– Am I expecting God to answer prayers and move in people’s lives?

– Can I remember times when God has worked – to encourage myself in new situations

– How can we demonstrate God’s love and character in specific situations we’re facing?

There are many other questions – but these are just some!

Myfishbites Journal

We’ve created a journal which you’d need to print off. It consists of a ‘title’ page and then a series of 30 days worth of journals (so 16 pages each – as an Adone PDF). 

These are A4 in size but have two ‘days’ on each page (each A5 in size, making an A4 page).

 Download the journal with space for you to write in Bible verses

 Download the journal with Bible verses already included (30 days)

Download, print off and see what God does in your life and the life of your young people, home group, small group or church!