X-Men 2


You’ll find the clip at Chapter 3 on the DVD. The clip is set in the Canadian wilds with Logan desperately trying to find his routes so that he can find his identity. His mind is full of flashbacks and images but he cannot recall his past. Without knowing his past he finds part of himself missing and his future is also uncertain. He is restless and unsettled.

Point is that we find our true identity in Christ. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. Without him we have no past, present or future. Only in Christ will we find rest, peace and purpose. 


In Chapter 8 of the DVD we find Professor Xavier in Cerebro, the big room that enables him to use his telepathic powers to their fullest. He is looking for a mutant that attacked the President of the US. In Cerebro, Xavier can see all people walking around, mutants and humans have different light forces that enables him to identify who they are and where they are.

OK, so God is infinite and beyond understanding. He makes Cerebro look like a baby’s toy. But we need to fear God in the sense of utter awe and total respect and worship. He alone is worthy. God sees all things. He knows our thought and words before we think them, he had Jesus choose us and call us for such a time as this. Think about the consequences of God knowing and seeing all things in your life. My sinful life if displayed would make Kill Bill the movie look tame. So aren’t you glad for Jesus, for the Word, for God and that we can have forgiveness??


‘On the cross you died all bleedin, but Lord that gave me freedom, and even if people can’t see em, your truth the way from demons..’ are the lyrics from my rap remixing Psalm 139.

In X-Men 2 in Chapter 36, we find Jean Grey sacrificing her life so the X-Men spacecraft can take off to safety. She gets out of the craft and holds back the waters with her telepathic powers, in a kind of modern day superhero Moses style. (I wonder how much of superhero powers are subconsciously based on the Bible..) She dies in the struggle, a shocking waste of a perfectly fit woman I say!!

But wait. We find a greater parallel with Jesus on the Cross. On the Cross, Jesus took all our sin upon and into himself so that by him dying and rising again, our sin could be put to death through him. If we confess our sins, he is faithful in doing this so the Word tells us. Jesus died that we may live. Nuff said.