Christmas Coca Cola

What does Christmas mean to you?

The very name ‘Christmas’ means that it is about Christ but who is Christ? The word ‘Christ’ is just a way of describing Jesus who was a very real and proven historical figure. Take the word ‘Christ’ out of Christmas and all you’re left with is ‘mas’ – which is all a bit confusing!

At the end of 2020, an archaeologist from the University of Reading working in Nazareth believed (with good evidence) they had found the place where Jesus and his family lived (link to one of the many media organisations who reported this, CBS News).

Christians believe in God (the Father) and believe that Jesus (his Son) came to earth as a baby, lived and then died on a cross – so that people could be set free to live the life the best life that God has for them. Christians believe that Jesus gave his life in an exchange. He took all the evil we had done and gave us all the good that he is. Christians believe that the Christmas message is about this and about offering people the hope that comes from believing the message about Jesus.

Bring Daddy Home – Coca Cola advert Christmas 2020

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Have you ever wondered if God is real?

There are many voices in the media and around us who say that God is not real. Many people have decided this without really looking at the evidence. Others don’t care, don’t mind or don’t want to believe. Other people say that God is some kind of control freak. Christians believe that God is real and he is perfect and loving and good. If this is true, maybe it’s a message that’s not just for Christmas.

Coca Cola Christmas Lorry

Have you ever been to see the Coca Cola Christmas lorry? This lorry travels around the UK bringing festive cheer, some free coke and other free goodies and fun The lorry comes into a town and people come to visit, meet up with friends and enjoy the entertainment. By the time the lorry leaves, there’s plenty of coke in people’s bellies and around the streets!

Christians believe this is a bit like what Jesus did. Jesus came along to bring a message of hope, of cheer, of goodness and came to shake things up. Some people accept the free gift that Jesus brings and ‘drink it up’. Other people don’t want to hear the message and either reject the free offer or end up ‘spilling it on the floor’.

The Christmas 2020 Advert

Let’s think about the Christmas 2020 advert. The little girl writes a letter as her father goes away. The father takes the letter to the North Pole, gets a lift back with Santa and finds out that he is the object of his daughter’s greatest wish. The daughter sees that her letter has been answered.

In the Coca Cola advert, the daughter sees her wish to Santa come true and Santa brings her dad home. The Bible (which Christians believe is God’s words) says that God is a good Father and wants to give people good gifts. These gifts aren’t always just what we want but they are what God knows will be best for us. And God wants to bring people back together – just as the daughter and Father are reunited.

The Christmas message that Christians believe in – is just like this. They believe that the greatest gift at Christmas isn’t just a present or getting whatever you want. The greatest present to fill the hole in everyone’s heart is the gift that leads to God the Father. That is the message of Jesus and Christmas.