Clip – Peter Parker gets bitten by the spider when on a visit. He doesn’t know what’s going on but knows that something strange is happening. An amusing part is when he hits the bully in the school and sends him flying through the air. You can use any clips around this part of the movie – edit as needed.

Peter Parker is a bit sad, he misses the school bus and is considered to be a freak. Maybe that’s like you.

The truth is, we are all searching for who we are, especially when we are younger. We may long to be attractive, famous, have lots of friends, be popular, be the fastest, the baddest, whatever. We are looking for meaning in life. Many people try different things to find their identity – drugs, alcohol, sex, work, money.

Invariably though these things are empty – a long list of people who have found these things but ended up with problems – Michael Jackson, Kurt Cobain (the lead singer from Nirvana who killed himself), Angus Deayton (now disgraced TV presenter), Winona Ryder (Hollywood actress caught shoplifting).

Many of us may try different, less serious things to find ourselves like fighting, vandalism, clubbing or whatever. However, God makes it clear that only in Jesus do we have a true identity. Only through Jesus can we totally discover who we are, who we are meant to be and who we will become. Jesus said ‘I have come to give life to the fullest’. Take his words, believe, then act on them today.


Clip – after Peter has the fight with the bully at school and then runs off, his web attached to a plate. He sees sort of spider ‘claws’ on his skin and climbs up a wall. There are then a couple of clips of him swinging through the streets (and hitting a wall) and practicing his web in his bedroom.

Many of us can testify, like Spidey that life isn’t always easy. Things don’t always come easily. We have to work and sometimes fight hard to achieve. Many people give up before they achieve the goals they want to achieve. There are a long list of people like Abraham Lincoln (a famous US president), Thomas Edisson (a famous inventor) and many pop singers (like Darius) who say – keep going, pursue your hearts desire, keep working to achieve.

Does this mean we should go for our goals at any price? No, remember the words from Spidey’s uncle. ‘With great power comes great responsibility.’ This is just another way of saying the words of Jesus who said, ‘to those who get given a lot, a lot will be expected.’

Spiderman responds to the words of his uncle by using his powers for good, not for evil. What about you? Will you go after what is good, what is right, what will make a difference? Will you keep on making a difference to make this world a better place? Will you look to the one who makes the world a better place – Jesus?


Clip – right near the end of the film, the fight sequence. Be aware that some of this is a bit violent. It also has the Goblin saying the words, ‘you’ve really p****d me off’ which will need cutting (we forgot – oops!!) It’s about a 5 minute clip from the time that Spidey arrives on the Brooklyn (?) Bridge and Goblin has the Kirsten Dunst in one hand and a cable car of children in the other. It ends when Spidey pulls the wall down on Goblin (the next part is a bit too nasty!)

Spiderman – the defender of what is good and right – defeats the goblin, who represents evil. However, we also find out that the Goblin’s son feels bitter towards Spiderman because of the death of his father. A sequel beckons..

So here’s the part where you can challenge young people about the battle between good and evil. The amazing news is that Jesus has defeated Satan when he died and rose again. We know that if we side with God we are on the winning side. Jesus has also said that those who are not with him are against him.

In life, we will have many battles, such as the one that Spidey fought against Goblin. Life can be a struggle but as Christians, we believe there is a hope, a better way. We believe that Jesus has won the final victory, overcome evil forever and that one day we will be with him in a place where there are no more battles, no more crying or suffering.

There is no time like the present. God is calling you today – he loves you more than you can imagine, he has great plans for you. He believes in you, thinks you’re unique and have a special part to play in this world. He’ll shake you, turn you right way round and make you the person you really are. Although times may be tough, Jesus is always there, standing next to you, supporting you in all your battles. One day, you will be with him. The alternative isn’t worth thinking about.