Evan Almighty

Evan Almighty

You’ll know this movie, but it basically follows the story of Noah’s Ark, with ‘Evan Baxter’ (the newscaster from ‘Bruce Almighty’) taking the lead role. Another harmless and fun family movie and totally appropriate for the youth group! Morgan Freeman is again outstanding as ‘God’.

Evan Almighty – Prayer

Chapter 2 (5.16 – 8.02).

In this, Evan and Joan talk about their sons and then chat about prayer. They prayed for a dog, good visibility and weather on hiking trip and Joan prayed they would become closer as a family. Evan replies, “honey, you don’t need to pray for that to happen. I can make that happen.” How often we trust in our own strength and not in God’s power!! Evan doesn’t pray, although he wanted to change the world – in his congressional campaign. Eventually, he gets to the side of his bed and thanks God and prays. God does answer – and in ways that Evan doesn’t expect!!

Evan Almighty – Calling and Obedience

Chapter 4 (13.25 – 19.43). From when Evan wakes to when Evan feints in Congress and it fades to white.

This is when Evan wakes up, finds wood delivered at his house, looks at Genesis 6.14 and meets God – to get his calling. He tires to run away from God, but God follows him in a variety of amusing guises wherever Evan tries to run. Like Jonah, we can run but we can’t hide from God. Once you’ve prayed and got your orders from the Commander in Chief in heaven, we must obey. Not obeying is disobedience and sin. Just go with what God has told you to do, even if it seems beyond you!! Noah obeyed and he saved the world from destruction with his family, reward for being a righteous man. God may not call you to save the whole world, but he is calling you to help him save many people in the world, from the world into his Kingdom 🙂

Evan Almighty – Doubt

DVD Chapter 13. Time 53.56 (when Evan comes home from Congress at night) – 57.20 (as scene cuts from Evan waking up to the TV in the bar). Pause the DVD here and blank the screen.

The point is that God had called Evan to build an ark. Like Noah before him, people didn’t understand. In Evan’s case, even his family didn’t understand and left him. We don’t always understand what Jesus is doing, but like Evan (and Noah), we need to obey and get wise to the Jesus way of doing things – usually upside down to the way the world around us does stuff!

Evan Almighty – Standing up

DVD Chapter 13. Time 57.21 (as scene cuts from Evan waking up to the TV in the bar) – 1.01.20 (when Evan and his wife kiss on board the ark).

Point here is that Evan’s family came back to help him, stand alongside him. As his wife says to him, to be there ‘side by side’. We should do the same with Jesus, as he is always standing alongside us. Key line, “everybody entered the ark, side by side” with ‘God’ encouraging Joan to do the same for Evan.

Evan Almighty – Faith and God answering prayer / miracles

(Same as clip above)

DVD Chapter 13. Time 57.21 (as scene cuts from Evan waking up to the TV in the bar) – 1.01.20 (when Evan and his wife kiss on board the ark).

Key point here is the powerful moment and dialogue when God talks to Joan in the restaurant (57.53 – 59.46). 

God says, “If someone prays for patience, do you think God gives them patience – or does he give them the opportunity to be patient? If they pray for courage, does God give them courage or give them the opportunity to be courageous? If someone prays for the family to be closer, do you think God zaps them with warm, fuzzy feelings – or does he give them opportunity to love each other?”

When Joan looks down at her ‘refill’ she had asked to be filled (but hadn’t been taken away), she finds a complete new meal of fries and fish. She also begins to see the light about God..