Outdoors Prayer

With a Cross

There was a group in Reading that prayed in the town centre next to a large Cross that they took with them. I’ve spoken to one of the ladies who was been involved and it was been the place for amazing conversations and part of many stories of people becoming Christians (including after the 9/11 attacks). Why not make a cross (or get someone in the church to) and go stand in your town centre with it. Just be prepared for people that will come and ask for prayer. You’ll need adults involved and a very committed group too! I promise your conversations with people will be awesome.

Do it. At least try it. Get prayer cover for yourselves too. 

See You At The Pole – or similar like Global Day of Prayer

This is idea is also in the creative, what2do section – but I will put the idea here as well:

In the USA they have a yearly prayer event called ‘See You At The (Flag) Pole’. It started when a small group of teenagers in Burleson, Texas, felt God speaking like never before. Not knowing what to do, they went to the school flagpoles and prayed for their friends, schools, and leaders. On September 11, 1991, at 7.00am, one million students gathered at school flagpoles all over the country for the first official “See You at the Pole.” It is also done in Australia and Canada among others.

One of our young people once organised others at his CU and they prayed discreetly that day. Something must have happened – his dad had his car stolen that night!

Pray as the sun comes up/goes down

I have been fortunate enough to be able to go to Canada. One evening, as the sun set over the lake (and the mosquitoes bit us), I took a photo. The photo is very picturesque, capturing the sun rays streaking across the lake and the sun disappearing behind the hills. It brings back great memories to recall it!

There was another incident which reminds me of the beauty of the sun. One morning (on the same holiday), we were returning from a downtown rave at about 6.30am. To the right of the highway, the sky was brightening as the sun rose. To the left of the highway, the sky was dark. If only I had got a fish lens on my camera, it would have made a truly remarkable photo!

Take the time to be up when the sun rises, especially in the Autumn. Take time to look at the sunset, again in the Autumn. Let the beauty of the view inspire your prayer

Praying around local schools

Go for a walk around local schools. In our city when this was done, we used cars because of the size of the area. You may want to go to high schools, junior schools, colleges, university campus’s etc. What can you pray about? Well, here’s some ideas..

Positive things:

– For the pupils to hear about Jesus
– For the CU
– For the staff and the Christian schools workers
– Praying for pupils who are lonely, vulnerable or who have a tough home life.

Negative things:

– Praying against bullying
– Praying against violence
– Praying against smoking, drinking and drugs

Praying around your Church building

In many churches there are a lot of activities both on a Sunday and throughout the week. There are also many Churches in areas with high social problems which can often lead to direct problems for the Church.

Therefore, why not pray for the church building and area. I don’t mean pray for the physical structure itself but for the activities and events that are held in there. For example in our church, there is the main church, 2 kitchens, a room for young children, an older building used for the youth service, football, events, a room for parent and toddlers, a young people’s room etc.

Each of these activities needs prayer. Why not walk around these rooms (preferably not during the activities – you might get some funny looks or comments!) and pray for the things that take place in those rooms, asking God to bless them and use them for his glory

If your Church is in an area with social problems (like ours), why not walk around the outside of the Church building and pray for protection for the Church. Pray that the people who walk across the Church property or vandalize it would stop and would be challenged to find out more about Jesus

Prayer Walk

Why not take your group and pray round a certain area like local schools, the city centre, council buildings, parks, drug hang outs, clubs, pubs – do what you dare! Be prepared and have other people praying for you, those on the prayer walk AND your families, especially when treading on heavy enemy territory

City Prayer

Many towns and cities have prayer groups starting now – many on the 24/7 prayer principle. Why not start a 24/7 prayer group in your village, town, city – inter-church style