The Maker

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The theme is looking at The Maker’s Instructions.. (the ‘Maker’ being God obviously! The ‘Instructions’ being The Bible)

Game / Idea

Bake or make some food stuffs without certain ingredients and get people to come to the front and try them.. (have some cheesy aprons on standby and maybe a bucket for them to spit into if needed!) 


1. Cakes but don’t put self raising flour in (put in plain flour) or leave out the eggs. 
2. Make some peppermint creams but don’t put pepper in – or put ginger in or something different.
3. Have some chocolate cake but without chocolate.
4. Have gingerbread men but with no ginger etc.


Get 3 volunteers up to the front and then get the aprons on them and warn them they’re about to eat some food. Make it very clear by holding up the cakes or whatever exactly what they are..

When you have got the 3 volunteers to either taste all the ‘cakes’ or one each get them to return the apron, sit down and make sure they get something – chocolate and a clap!


Get them to put together a model of lego – say a boat or something. Give one young person a manual (or a piece of A4 paper explaining how to build the object. Make sure that the instructions are wrong and that you remove an essential piece of the lego


Christians believe the Bible is God’s inspired instructions to mankind. It is also a book that Christians use as a guide to their lives. Christians believe that by following the Maker’s Instructions, we can be in relationship with God and be protected from many bad things, and given amazing opportunities in life because it’s a practical book for living..

Examples.. (these are just 5 examples…)

1. The Bible says that Christians should not sleep around. The benefits are that many Christians are protected from STDs and a lot of emotional pain..

2. The Bible says that Christians should love and care for people. When the plagues like TB dominated Europe, studies have found that Christians lived longer and often survived the plagues. The reason was that Christians cared for the sick and built up antibodies to the diseases

3. The Bible makes it clear that as Christians we should tell people about Jesus and be with other Christians. Many young people in church go on missions abroad, take years out abroad or in the UK. There are also lots of social events in and between churches so young people get to meet loads of other young people!

4. Many recent studies show that being a Christian actually improves your chance of a longer life because it gives a real purpose and desire for living that many people don’t have! Studies by life insurance companies include questions about whether you go to church as it adds years to your predicted life expectancy!

5. The Maker gives clear instructions in places like the 10 Commandments about the lifestyle of Christians. These include not killing, not stealing, not lying and more.. imagine living in a neighbourhood without crime!

The Maker isn’t out to kill your fun or control you or ruin your life. As a Christian I believe that God wants to help us live the best life possible.