Postman Pat

Postman Pat is quite a redemptive movie (unlike lots of British made movies) and so it works its way into a mini movie review section. And my sister thought it had some good ideas in, so this is dedicated to Kerensa!

The story is basically about how Postman Pat realises that his family and friends and job he loves are the most important things. Through the journey, most people are redeemed. There’s also quite a lot of humour in the movie e.g. Simon Cowell is Simon Cowell-Bell etc.

Yes it’s mainly for children or grown-up children like some youth leaders, but it’s got its moments too!

Family – Chapter 1 (00:03:01 – 00:04:35)

This is the opening scene with Pat and his family in and shows us the importance of family, with Pat and his wife, then playing football with son Julian – and of course let’s not forget the black and white cat!

This ends as Pat walks back to his van and says, ‘right, what about some music?’

Serving Others – Chapter 1 (00:04:35 – 00:08:08)

This is about how Pat goes around the local community, helping others. He doesn’t just deliver letters but is a great witness to all the people, who all know him. He also goes around serving others and helping out where he can.

This ends with Pat saying ‘that was a fine days work – mission accomplished’ and the miaow of Jess the cat!

Point – what about us as Christians? We should be like Postman Pats !!

(We also hear about how Pat is helpful and well loved in a later scene, from 01:01:01 – 01:02:06 – fading to black)

Deception of the enemy – Chapter 5 (00:45:13 – 00:47:49)

Starts when Pat’s wife, Sarah walks into the room. It ends when Mr Carbuncle says, ‘lose the cat’ and Jess is kicked out of the auditorium door.

Mr Carbuncle uses deception and lies to both Pat and Sarah about each other and their motives. 

Point – Communication is so important in any relationship and without honest communication and time together, any relationship can break down. Don’t let the enemy get into your head, life, or between you and friends with his lies.

What really matters – Chapters 7 (01:11:04 – 01:12:05)

Starts with Pat’s boss asking him what’s going on and then Pat saying, “It’s so easy to lose sight of what’s important…” This ends with Jimmy hanging by a magnet saying, “I’ve wasted my life.”

Point – Short speech from Pat about what truly matters in life (on a human level anyway!)