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Read Luke 19.11-27

–  Each of the servants got a gold coin – God gives us all gifts to use for him and tells us to use them. But we have a choice how we use them, applies to Christians and non-Christians 

–  The people hated the man but he still became King and this meant his haters were killed. Lesson – don’t hate, get rid of your bitterness tonight, let it go..

–  Those who worked to make their money increase received the exact sum of their investment – but in terms of ruling over cities. God sees what you do and your heavenly (sometimes earthly) reward will be way beyond what y’all expect 

–  Those who didn’t use what they had were condemned by their actions. God gives us a choice but there is consequences to their actions – give examples of rights and responsibilities.. 

–  The king condemned the servant who had not only not invested, but who had actually lost money – said, ‘you could of at least invested it in a bank for the interest..’ Did you know it’s a sin to misuse money therefore? (Loans= interest= paying back more than you borrowed= bad use of Kingdom money). You want something? Save and get it. It’s cheaper and it’s a good lesson, it’s hard though.

–  The servant who’d made the most got the 3rd servant’s money. The principle was those who are faithful will get more. So, are you being faithful in little things?

–  Those who willingly and actively reject God will be destroyed. Period.


Say the Lord’s Prayer over chilled background music, line by line. People have space to pray for certain things that come to mind after each line of the prayer has been said.

Get people to write down their own personal prayer to Jesus about life, hopes, dreams, struggles, friends, requests, thanks etc.


 Barbershop – (halfway through chapter 25) – at 1.13.30 to 1.16.32

We find Calvin walk out of the barbershop. Then Cedric the Entertainer joins him. Calvin lets him know he’s sold the barbershop. Cedric is fuming and explains how much the barbershop means – saying the shop is than just a shop – but a black man’s country club, a place of hope and more. . Calvin says, ‘I just realised today this is something worth saving.’ Jesus thinks the same about you and me. We’re valuable, he hasn’t given up on us. Instead he died on the Cross for us. (You may want to fade down the ‘g****n’ on 1.14.15)


Play a track, get your youth band to play – or use whatever style you normally do. I don’t worry too much about making the worship songs fit the theme as it’s way too prescriptive!


Take the parable in Luke 19.11-27 and you have to summarise – with the letters PARABLE as the starting point..


P – powerful ruler goes away
A – and his servants look after his money

Now your turn. Continue summarising the parable. Next letter is “R” and so on…