Kung Fu Panda

Kung Fu Panda is about an over-sized Panda who ends up saving China. It’s an animated movie and well worth watching / buying for use as movie clips and as a film simply to watch. It has elements of Eastern mysticism in it, but I don’t think it’s a real problem, especially as you can explain that before or after using clips. Some good moments of humour too.

Thanks to KH for her points from this movie.

Finding Your Place / Perseverance

Chapter 4 (08:04 – 10:12). Kung Fu Panda goes off with his noodle cart to go to the test to find the Dragon Warrior and perseveres up the steps and then into the temple.

Not quitting

Chapter 11 (33:57 with the gong being hit on the side of the hill 36:58 just after line, “He’s not gonna quit bouncing, I’ll tell you that” and sunset over the hill)

In this clip, Kung Fu Panda is being trained – he won’t quit. Nor should we. Kung Fu Panda is determined.

Not Judging

Chapter 12 (37:03 – 37:23). Kung Fu Panda is having acupuncture and there is talk of not judging people, especially to do with size.

Empowering & Nurture / Fulfilling Destiny / Belief

Chapter 13 (40:48, Master Oogway and Shifu are talking by a true with blue background 43:51 ish)

Tai Lung is their enemy and Kung Fu Panda will turn out to be their ‘saviour’. In this clip, Oogway’s time has come and the power has passed to Shifu. “You must believe…” are Oogway’s parting words.

Be aware this clip has some mystical influence to it, nothing too bad!

Realising your destiny / Training

Chapter 15 (51:35 – 56:11). Kung Fu Panda is being trained by Shifu with the dumplings!

Working Together

Chapter 16 (56:23 – 59:10). The Incredible 5 work together to try to defeat Tai Lung. They don’t succeed, but do work as a team. Cue Kung Fu Panda…

Fight the good fight of faith

Chapter 21 (1:11.02. Kung Fu Panda emerges out of breath and announces he’s the Dragon Warrior. Ends 1:16:42 after Kung Fu Panda has beaten Tai Lung and there is a yellow mist on screen)

In this, Kung Fu Panda has been trained and has been released. Now he has to taken on and then defeat Tai Lung, which he does.