The Harvest

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Open your hearts and minds to God, and God alone. Take time to wait on God and ask him to speak to you. Ask Jesus to be in every aspect of your lives so you can live a life as his disciples. 

Think and Thank

– Jesus and his sacrifice for us
– Creation – how does it reveal God to you?
– Consider a time when God has been close to you. Why?
– Think of a time when God has been distant. Why?
– Reflect on whether you dedicate yourself in your Christian life as you should. Think of Jesus and his sacrifice. Are you willing to serve him?

Matthew 9: 35-38

‘Jesus went into every town and village. He taught in their meeting places and preached the good news about God’s kingdom. Jesus also healed every kind of disease and sickness. When he saw the crowds, he felt sorry for them. They were confused and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd. He said to his disciples, ‘A large crop is in the fields, but there are only a few workers. Ask the Lord in charge of the harvest to send out workers to bring the harvest in.’

1. Crowds

Because Jesus’ message was so powerful. Do we preach a gospel of power these days or is it a weak, watered down gospel? Why? As one bishop famously said, ‘Wherever Paul (the Apostle) went, there were riots. Wherever I go I get a cup of tea.’ Think about it.. Where else do we find the Gospel as a powerful force? Where do we find the times Paul ’caused’ riots?

2. He felt sorry for them

The love and compassion of Jesus shines through. 1 Corinthians 13, the greatest of all characteristics is love. Jesus’ love should burn through from our lives.

3. Confused and Helpless

Many people are searching for something deeper, something spiritual because we are spiritual beings. Without this side we can never be truly human in a Godly sense. Without God’s power we are helpless. The closer we get to him, the more we lean on him. You know, all the love songs people sing are mis-directed worship songs to God. People don’t realise though. What about going to raves and music parties, people ‘worship’ the DJ who ‘preaches’ to the clubbers. Think about it, people long to worship Jesus, they just don’t know it as they have been blinded by the evil one. Ask God to open people’s eyes!

4. Like sheep without a shepherd

Jesus is our shepherd, appointed by God. We are in a personal relationship with God as his representatives on earth. As such we are called to guide both Christians (Gal 6:9-10 & James 5:19) and non-Christians (James 5:20 & Col 4:5-6).

5. Large crop in the fields

Many people don’t know Jesus who potentially could. We are called to declare the love of Jesus, speaking fearlessly through the power of the Holy Spirit. Practically, we must pray for people, show them love and spend time. Our God is a merciful God. You know, Jesus won’t return until the Gospel has been preached in all the world. Is God stirring something in you? Maybe you should think about working as a missionary. Someone once said, ‘Jesus talked about going into all the world.. he never said anything about coming back..’ This is scary stuff!

6. Only a few workers

Does Jesus mean simply that as Christians, we are a minority in this world – or does he mean that there are not enough Christians doing as much as they could? What might be stopping you being more effective?

7. Ask the Lord for workers

God is the head of all things and Jesus is the head of the church. We should be alive to the visions and skills we have been given – and use them! We are called to work in building God’s kingdom.