Being Me

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This session was written by someone who doesn’t want any credit for it! The original session was aimed for a wide age range, so some of this may not be suitable for all young people. Check through it and just see what you can and can’t use.

It’s good to be ME!

Today we’re looking at ‘its good to be me’. 

Did you know that there are no 2 people the same in the whole wide world?! How cool is that. We want to use this session to find out why it’s good to be one of a kind and to find out how God made us and loves us for who we are. 

Bible Verses

Read 1 Samuel 17.20-58 out loud together or just one person reading well. It’s long so we won’t reproduce it here!

It’s always good to hear the Bible out loud and get your faith up!! 

Activities To Start 

We are going to start with a quick activities to build one another up. As Christians we believe that it’s good to support one another and to build one another up and I don’t know about you but it’s nice to have someone being supportive and showing they care – isn’t it? Also I sometimes have days when I need someone to say something nice about me to cheer me up..

Exercise 1 – Get into pairs and take a piece of paper and pen each- then write down 5 positive things about your partner to build them up. It can be anything from you have nice hair to I think you’re really kind or anything positive. 

Exercise 2 –Get the 3 ‘volunteers’ up and play a game of ‘guess the price.’ Start with 5 normal prices – the price of shoes, someone’s top, a haircut, a jacket, a toothbrush. Then go on to increasingly bizarre things – belly button piercing, a facelift for someone… etc. Print off pictures of these things and show them.

Exercise 3 – Write down something unique or special about yourself. Put it into a hat. Then we’ll all take it in turn to go round, take out a piece of paper each and try to guess who that person is.

Veggie Tales DVD: Dave and the giant pickle! 

This shows us in a fun way that if we have faith in God it doesn’t matter how small we are or if we are the coolest person we can do big things with God. As with most Veggie Tales (apparently!), there is part of the episode, then a sing-a-long, then the other half of the episode. Lasts around 25-30mins. 

Point from DVD – First half of DVD: David felt really upset because he was too small to fight for his dad and got left out. Does anyone ever feel left out or put down because they are too young or small? 

5 mins to discuss & feedback

(Alternative Video Clip)

Use the animated UK movie, ‘Valiant’ (2005) about a small pigeon in World War II who is part of the Royal Homing Pigeon Service and overcomes the odds. 

Clip is Chapter 15 (00:53:28) – end of Chapter 16 (00:58:51), or use either one of Chapter 15 or Chapter 16. This is where Valiant goes and gets the message and sets his friends free.

Quick fun game / drawings! 

Ball game – you have to clap before you get the ball otherwise you are out.

Or give people some pens and papers and they design a veggie or the giant pickle!! Prizes for the best one.. 


Discuss why it’s good to be original and one of a kind – imagine if we were all the same?! We would not be able to tell each other  apart. God made us unique so what does that mean? Does God love you as individual? Yes – God has a whole plan for your life. 

The human body is made up of:

– enough water to fill 6 buckets
– enough sulphur to rid a dog of fleas
– enough potash to explode a packet of party poppers
– enough calcium for several sticks of chalk
– enough phosphorous for 2200 match tips
– enough lime to whitewash a hen house
– enough sugar for 7 cups of tea
– enough iron for a medium sized nail
– enough fat to make 6 bars of soap

1 Corinthians 6.19-20 says: “Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honour God with your body.”

But we’re way more than this, we’re incredibly significant to God. Talk about the fact that something is only worth the price that someone would pay for it. Jesus paid the ultimate price, his life, for you and me.

Watch the rest of the Veggie Tales DVD

Tell people there will be a quiz on this part so watch carefully.

Talk about how nothing is impossible with God – isn’t that a cool concept – we can take out giants with Gods help! We are going to have a quick prayer- is there a Goliath in your life that you are struggling with that you would like the rest of us to pray for? We will pass around this bible.

Quiz on the video: Dave and Giant Pickle Quiz:

  • What was wrong with Dave’s sheep? (ANSWER – They kept falling over)
  • What food did Dave take to his brothers? (ANSWER – Pizza) 
  • Who are the children of God in the story? (ANSWER – Israelites) 
  • What veg or fruit is Larry? (ANSWER – Cucumber) 
  • What does the pickle call the Israelites? (ANSWER – Cowards) 
  • What does Saul think of Dave fighting the pickle at first? (ANSWER – Thinks it’s ridiculous) 
  • Why does he think this? (ANSWER – Dave is small) 
  • What has he forgotten? (Dave sings about it) (ANSWER – They have God on their side) 
  • What does the pickle wear when he fights? (ANSWER – Boxing gloves)
  • What weapon does Dave have? (ANSWER – Sling shot) 
  • How many blows to the head did it take for the pickle to fall? (ANSWER – 1) 
  • What happens to Dave’s brother when he sees Dave is going to fight? (ANSWER – Faints) 
  • Why does Bob whisper to Larry? (ANSWER – Doesn’t want it to play) 
  • What did you learn from the story? (ANSWER – With God, anything is possible) 
  • What was the verse? (ANSWER – Can’t remember, sorry & don’t have the DVD, you’ll need to check it out for yourself!)


Get into groups of four or five and come up with a small drama as to why you think that you should be proud to be different from everyone else – for example you could have a couple of people acting as a group of friends and they have some cigarettes and they try to convince you that its cool to smoke but you walk away because you know it’s wrong. Then you are proud to be you because you don’t need to conform to what the world says.

Perform sketches 

End the session with a prayer. 

Thank you Lord God that the Bible says in Psalm 139 that you knit me together in my mother’s womb. Your word also says that I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I am unique and made in the image of you, Lord God. If I know you, I have been adopted into your family and am a son or daughter of God through what Jesus did on the Cross. Thank you Lord Jesus that I am your friend (John 15.15). Help me to be all that you have made me to be and live an amazing life like it says in John 10.10. Amen.