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Thanks to Andy H for much of this assembly


We hear loads about respect in school and especially from the government and big important people like them. But what does it mean and why should we worry about it anyway?

Respect means to take notice of; to give something or someone special attention; to see as worthy of special consideration; or to care for.

PowerPoint needed for the assembly

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Here is a list of 22 different people on the screen. We’ll click through the slides quickly. Have a look at the people, or the types of people and see who you respect and why..

List includes: Abraham Lincoln, Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Charlie Chaplin, Sir Winston Churchill, Rosa Parks, David Beckham, Elvis Presley, Florence Nightingale, Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, Sir Isaac Newton, Emmaline Pankhurst, Jay-Z, Jesus Christ, Jimi Hendrix, Madonna, Martin Luther Jr, Diana Princess of Wales, The Beatles, Walt Disney, Malala Yousafzai, Will Smith, William Shakespeare


2 volunteers (who aren’t allergic to anything) up to the front have to try and eat a chocolate moose with a spoon on the end of a bamboo stick -they have to work together to be able to eat the moose. Each one gets a prize for coming up to the front.

To work well as a community we need to try and work together, to be on the same side as each other, if any of you are on a sports team you’ll know that you do better when you work together.

Coach Carter Video Clip (3 mins-ish)

The clip is from Chapter 3 if using a DVD. The timings are 8.23mins (Coach Carter walks into the gym) to 11.02 (Coach Carter says, ‘winning in here is the key to winning out there’). Alternatively, you can go to the end of the chapter which is at 13.45mins when Coach Carter shouts ‘to the bassline’. Be aware there is the word ‘s**t’ but as in the word ‘stuff’.

Basically, in the clip, Coach Carter is introduced to the team and talks about respect.


That clip is from the movie Coach Carter and if you haven’t seen it, it’s all about the lads we saw who are part of basketball team and they are one of the worst teams in the state, but Coach Carter takes over. He tells them that they need to respect each other because if they respect each other they will start to do better and they will start to play as a team and win. At the end of the film we see that the team have definitely started to play as a team and they are definitely playing better, but I won’t spoil the end of it for you if you haven’t seen it..

In our communities at home, here at school or in any teams or groups we belong to if we respect each other by the way that we speak and behave then we’ll end up having a better time and doing better as a group.

Christians believe that God has asked us to live in community with each other and to work together it says in the Bible that we are all valuable and that we are all equal. We all have a role to play in our communities and in the lives of everyone around us.

Final thought – the Bible tells us all to treat people how you want to be treated. If you are out of order and nasty with people, I promise you that this will come back on you. If you treat people well, most people will treat you well and your life will be better.