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Stage directions

The setting is a busy High Street with an evangelist (Christian Carl) out to save lost souls. He manages to stop one passer-by..


Christian Carl – Hello there. Are you Christian?

Heathan Harry – No, my name’s Harry

Christian Carl – No sir, I mean are you a Christian?

Heathan Harry – am I a Christian what?

Christian Carl – are you, sir, one of the chosen ones?

Heathan Harry – chosen for what? Have I won a prize? Are you selling time-shares? I’m not interested thanks..

Christian Carl – No sir I’m not selling time shares. I’ve got something much better

Heathan Harry – Is it a free holiday?

Christian Carl – No sir, I want to ask you a question..

Heathan Harry – If I get it right do I get a free holiday?

Christian Carl – Not exactly. Now sir, have you been saved?

Heathan Harry – Well, a lifeguard saved me from drowning when I was surfing

Christian Carl – No sir, is your name written in the Lamb’s book of life?

Heathan Harry – Well, no, but I just signed the guestbook in the Cathedral. My name’s in there

Christian Carl – I don’t think you quite understand do you. ARE YOU SAVED?

Heathan Harry – Saved.. er..


Heathan Harry – I saved a penalty for my football team on Saturday..

Christian Carl – Look you’re a little bit stupid aren’t you?

Heathan Harry – I’m sorry… you stop me in the street and call me stupid!

Christian Carl – Listen to me Sir, (tries to spell it out..) YOU-ARE-LOST!

Heathan Harry – no I’m not, I’m in the town high street. I’m not lost, I live here

Christian Carl – No, I mean, you don’t know that you’re lost..

Heathan Harry – (bewildered) What do you mean? I’d know if I was lost! I’d say to myself, ‘Harry, you’re lost’. In actual fact I know exactly where I am..

Christian Carl – are you ‘one of the elect?’

Heathan Harry – no, I don’t like politics much. I’ve never been elected. Oh wait a minute, I was once elected as the treasurer for the school dried flower society

Christian Carl – I don’t think you understand do you sir..

Heathan Harry – You’re right there..

Christian Carl – Are you one of the ‘sheep’ or ‘goats’

Heathan Harry – Am I a sheep or a goat? What do you think? Do I look like a sheep or a goat? Have I at any time in this conversation said, ‘baaa’ or rammed you with my horns? I don’t think so.. (walks away)

Christian Carl – (shouts out) Why weren’t you at church last Sunday you heathen..

Heathan Harry – (turns around and shouts) Church? Heathen? Who are you? Get lost.. (keep on walking till gone)

Christian Carl – (Shouts loudly) Sinner! Heathen! Pagan! May the fires of hell consume your flesh..


How do we share our faith? 

Is it possible to do more harm than good if we are not sensitive? (I know of one head teacher who won’t have Christian bands in his school because of something one band once said). 

Somebody once said to me ‘forget all this relevant evangelism, the only thing we should do is walk up to young people on street corners and tell them about Jesus.’ Do you agree? 

Do we have to know someone before we share our faith (so-called ‘friendship evangelism)? 

What does the Bible say? 

Does it make it easier or harder when we know someone?