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Perception Assembly

The PowerPoint files feature some amazing optical illusions! It’s so worth downloading these and using them. Warn people before that they are going to see some optical illusions. People don’t have to take part if they don’t want to.

Download the PowerPoint file to accompany the talk.. (downloads as a zip file, save and double-click). This unzips as a folder, containing the PowerPoint and an animated gif (pinkdots3.gif), which you must also keep with the PowerPoint, otherwise the animated gif slide may not work).

Download the PowerPoint file to accompany the talk – Use this one if the version above does not work (and vice versa).

The Assembly

1. Show the YouTube video clip – ‘Test Your Awareness: Do The Test’ and encourage people to watch carefully. 

 The link to this clip is (checked January 2019)

Test Your Awareness – Do The Test

2. Get some people down and ask them to talk about why their football team is the best team. Say perceptions change depending on your perspective. Thanks to James G for this idea.

3. Watch the Perception PowerPoint with loads of optical illusions and have fun with it!!

Say: I don’t know what your perception of God is, but if you think it’s about wimpy, religious, boring, dead things, then think again..

On Monday 20 October 2008 in Kabul Afghanistan, Gayle Williams, 34, one of the SERVE Afghanistan team was walking to work. Gayle was shot and killed when two men on a motorcycle shot her 6 times at close range and then fled the scene. She died almost immediately. She was a person who always loved the Afghans and was dedicated to serving those who are disabled. Gayle was not a woman who thought of herself. Her time and energy were always spent on behalf of others.  She spent many years caring one to one for severely special needs students, but in the last few years she made the brave decision to offer her skills and time to care for the many disabled and disadvantaged in Afghanistan as a volunteer.  Gayle worked for nearly two years in Kandahar and Kabul directing projects to integrate the disabled into mainstream education and provide them with opportunities for a better life.

She was killed because she was a Christian. Gayle is one of many who have lived outside of themselves to help others, who have been killed by those full of hate. 

I could tell of others who travel the world, who work in tough parts of the world – a friend has just come back from India where Christians have been burned alive; other friends work for little money to help others; people have worked in Africa, been shot at, attacked, raped and yet gone back to serve; those in the inner-city in Manchester and across the UK (Eden Projects) and in the United States who have seen areas and people change.. Your perception may need to change.

OR Say: Very often we walk around with a perception of how things are, what others are like, or who we are. But it is only when we see ourselves as God sees us that we can really understand ourselves. Even if you don’t believe in God, the Bible is full of stuff that will show you who you can be. Change your perception, change how you see things, change your reality.