Toy Story

Toy Story 1

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Toy Story summary 

Woody is Andy’s favourite among his toys until he gets a Buzz Lightyear action figure for his birthday and suddenly woody has a rival, which brings up feelings of anger, jealousy and self doubt. Through difficult times they begin to trust and appreciate each other and a friendship is formed.

This is a very enjoyable movie with many different themes and things to learn from. 

Teamwork and Friendship

Woody and Buzz are taken by the boy next door Sid, and must team up to make their escape. There are various points where they each rescue the other from danger. Woody recruits other toys to help rescue buzz from Sid’s clutches and this brings the two closer together. At one point Woody says that Buzz is his only Friend. Chapter 24 – 26.


During the capture Buzz becomes depressed and questions his significance. Woody encourages him by pointing out his gifts and abilities. This gets Woody thinking about his own Shortcomings. It’s really easy to look at someone else and wish we were more like them and put ourselves down, but we are unique and important to God and we all have something to offer. Chapter 23.


At various points Woody and Buzz put themselves in danger to save the other When Woody is chased by Sid’s dog after escaping the house, Buzz forgets about himself and concentrates on making sure Woody is safe. Jesus sacrificed himself on the cross so we could be set free. Chapter 27.

Accepting each other and ourselves

Through their adventures Buzz and Woody learn to trust and respect each other and at the same time become more comfortable with themselves and who they are.