Ice Age 2

Ice Age 2 – The Meltdown 

1. Remembering Who You Are

In Chapter 14, we find that Ellie feels the wind in her fur, the trees part and something draws her into a certain part of the forest. What draws her is a memory stirring inside. It’s the memory of her childhood and her identity. Up to this point, Ellie believes that she is a possum. But as she travels to an outcrop, she remembers that she sheltered there as an orphan and was obviously brought up by possums. As she looks towards Manny, she steps into a footprint and realises at last, that she is a mammoth and not a possum.

We all have to find out who we are in Christ and who Christ has made us. For some, this will be a journey of faith. For others it will mean shedding what you think of yourself and seeing yourself as God sees you. Some people will need to re-trace their past and their childhood, dealing with past memories or re-awakening them. Some of us need to move on, to grow up and walk into the present and future that God has for us. This clip is great for all this.

2. Confronting your fear

In Chapter 11 (33mins 10secs), we find that Diego is scared of water. The ever-helpful and blundering Sid the Sloth, makes an unusually perceptive comment, assuring Diego that, “you’re gonna have to face your fears sooner.. or later..”. In (I think) Chapter 21, Diego faces his fears. The clip starts at 1.04.30 with the animals having gone to the aid of the trapped Ellie – and lasts until 1.07.42, after Diego has jumped into the water to rescue Sid (and the possums). The final line is from Sid relying to Diego as they’re on the shore, “But not tigers, I left that bit out..”

Diego the sabre tooth tiger has a decision to make when he has to rescue Sid and the 2 possums (Crash & Eddie) from the freezing waters. After a little hesitation and positive remarks to himself, he dives in and successfully rescues the others. Only when he gets to the shore does he find out from Sid that tigers can’t swim (Sid had previously told Diego that all animals could swim!) Diego believes in Sid and leaps in, an amazing step of faith for a tiger scared of water.

This clip has many uses such as confronting fear, stepping out in faith and more. The writer James tells us that faith without works is dead. We also know without faith we cannot please God. So, this is about faith. This is a challenge to all of us. 

3. Manny saves Ellie

In the same chapter, from 1.03.30, we find Manny rushing to the aid of Ellie. He goes against the flow of animal traffic, rushing from the oncoming flood, in order to save her. The clip ends around 1.04.30, but then continues on after 1.07.42 with the actual rescue taking place. Manny is being attacked by 2 prehistoric giant deadly fish. He uses one of their attacks on him to prise open a rock, which crushes the fish and opens the rock for Ellie to escape with him. All the animals end up on a rock.

There is much we can take from this. Firstly, Jesus went out of his way, left heaven, to come and rescue the world and people like you and me. Secondly, we must be prepared to go against the flow, like Manny. We mustn’t be afraid to be counter-culture, to live in an ‘upside-down’ way (the same way that the possums sleep!) in order to reach the lost, to go and find people to help them / rescue them. Manny also uses the opposition (the giant fish) to his advantage. We know that in all things we are more than conquerors through Christ. We also know that God wills all things for his glory.