New Year’s Eve

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Things To Do Before

– Go out and get some presents for everyone in a pound shop. We then wrapped them up because everyone likes a prezzie!

– Divide the people coming into teams and get a sheet on listing the things happening on the night like a scoresheet


– Get everyone to pray together. Commit the night, next year to God. Thanks God for the year just gone

– Set up the chairs so you get everyone in circle

– Everyone gets a present and passes it to left and says something nice to that person. You can do this one by one or at the same time. Everyone then opens their present.

– Game: all those with trainers move 2 left.. those with hoodies move 3 right etc. You can target young people (who like the attention) in this by getting everyone else sitting on them


– Hockey game (first to 10)

– Volley-foot-ball – use badminton net (no touching the net) – have to get ball over net in whatever way.. keep changing the rules like 1 bounce, 3 bounces, you have to hop, must partner with someone else, can’t touch it, can’t kick it etc.


– Have drinks & nibbles

– We even had a BBQ set up in the church! Yes, we spent a week trying to de-fumigate the church but the church leadership team never found out!!

Team Challenges

– Pop/Movie quiz (below)

– Have to make the tallest free standing structure that supports an egg- Crossword, theme is Gareth Gates and Cliff Richard songs (a bit old school but just use the titles or the concept)

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Games – for more, visit Resources > Games

– Get into a group and make a shape – cuckoo clock, a teapot etc.

– Fewest amount of feet on the floor game (groups of 5 or 6, group with fewest combined feet on the floor wins so they have to group together) 

– Drama game – in a, with a, while a.. (drama situation – eg in a telephone box, with a herd of mongoose, while trying to phone George Bush)

– The word game – word is tetrachloride (make as many words as possible from this word)

– Dodge ball (soft ball thrown at people in room, last person not hit wins)

– Balloon popping (balloon attached to leg, last person with balloon wins) 

– Murder in the dark (hide and seek in a dark church)


You’ll need to create this quiz, as this dates so quickly!

The pop quiz is simply getting some tunes and then getting the young people to ID the tunes and artists, so do the most popular tunes around, try to add different styles of music to suit and throw a few slightly oddball ones in so not everyone gets everything!

Songs – get yourself to, Spotify, iTunes, YouTube etc. The way to do it is either download something, or play back the top 10 snippets from iTunes for example, or edit something together!


– Mainly prayer. Get the group together and pray as a group seeking God. Maybe have a specific prayer time with candles and chilled music. Seek God together, prophecy (have pens and paper ready, be careful to test it’s from God using the Word, God’s call on people’s lives, whether it feels right). Ask God for his will in the forthcoming year

– You may want to do some worship, depending on the group you have


One year we got a load of sand from the roads near a beach and turned a youth leaders downstairs rooms into a beach, had beach games and a mini olympics. Not sure you want to try it but you may!!