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Welcome to – free Christian youth work resources. If you’re a youth worker or church worker short on time or inspiration, or want some games, ideas, easy to use sessions, talks and information this is a good place to start!

Myfishbites works just as well for adults and general church talks, sermons, groups & resources too. We aim to have Bible-filled content that is accessible, clear and full of God’s truth and life! Site updated 22 July 2021.


Myfishbites has loads of content from a Christian, Biblical perspective. For school teachers and schools workers we have school assemblies. Youth clubs can use the connectors and games and exercises. There are daily quiet-times (short Bible insights) as well as basics relating to the Christian faith. Church youth workers can use the talks/sermons, parables, sessions, prayer ideas, small group sessions and a training section. For kids workers there’s our brief kids’ resources. For the link between God and creation use the meditatures. Creatively we have sketches, creative ideas, life cards with Bible verses, points from movies, plus audio downloads, worship backing tracks and YouTube Videos. Myfishbites also has content on apologetics and life issues with big questions and many images/memes.

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More specifically, Myfishbites has wide and varied Christian content as well as many sessions and ideas that can be developed to use within any youth work context. This includes the Excluded section for any youth workers working with so-called ‘dis-engaged’ and ‘hardest to help’ young people. This excluded section includes life skills, sexual health, anger management and many free PDF worksheets across the site. From working in schools, the assemblies are both Christian school assemblies and ethos assemblies – suitable for key stage 3 and key stage 4 (KS3 and KS4). The assemblies are also excellent for short sessions or talks with young people.

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Myfishbites is passionate about youth work, but its remit goes beyond this. There’s advice on audio (recording, live sound, PA) and our free worship pads, backing tracks and music downloads. Check the Creative section for Christian book reviews, financial management, personal safety and a section on discipline. We have lots of info to help you run events and help with worship. Check out the huge number of hip-hop reviews too, alongside all the audio content, worship tracks, worship pads and more on the YouTube channel.

Who are myfishbites?

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Myfishbites has been put together by a Christian youth worker from the UK with a passion to use relevant communication and effective tools to make Jesus known to young people. Content has been used in a wide variety of youth work by youth leaders with experience in schools, churches, detached work, youth clubs and in running events. The site is UK centred although is equally used in the US and across the world. All our content is there to be of help, to be positive and point to Jesus.