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Stage directions

Woman is sat there centre stage (obviously feel free to use a male or female). Looking at a table in front of her with a large bar of chocolate on it. The Demon is off stage right and the Angel is off-stage left. As they speak, the woman slightly tilts her head to that side as if she can hear their voice in her ear.

The sketch

Woman – (Drooling almost). That looks so tempting.. the way that the chocolate looks at me with those deep, dark, brown eyes, wrapped in those fine clothes saying ‘eat me, eat me..’ I don’t think I can resist it any more

Demon – Go on.. give in.. eat the chocolate, you know you want to.. mmm.. chocolate.. mmm..

Angel – No, don’t. Resist the temptation. Remember the waistline. Don’t scoff the chocolate. Self-discipline is Biblical!

Demon – Oy! Shut up Angel, you’re only saying that cos you want the chocolate. You desire the smooth, silky chocolate that melts in your mouth. You love it. You want to eat the rich chocolate that cries out to be enjoyed

Angel – You know that chocolate is bad for you. Your personal trainer said so last week. Too many calories means storing up trouble in later life. If you don’t resist the chocolate how can you resist other things in life?

Woman – (Sits there looking confused)

Demon – Calories? What are they? I eat what I like and look at me, I’m as fit as a a very fit person. The Angel’s just a killjoy, you can’t have this, you can’t have that it’s bad for you.. don’t worry, science always changes its mind. What’s good for you this week is bad for you next week. Get the chocolate down your neck girl. Be reckless!

Angel – You’re playing with fire if you give in. The chocolate eating will lead you on the slippery slope down into the world of the evil chocolate hell. It’s a dangerous path to death and destruction. Choose life. Choose to eat a carrot. Or maybe a slice of lettuce?

Demon – (Mocking) A slice of lettuce? Who eats lettuce? It’s for rabbits and for health freaks – people who don’t have a life. Now listen to me woman, pull yourself together and eat the chocolate

Angel – Cancel that order. Your body is a temple for the Lord. If you eat it, choc-pollution will rot your body away and you will no longer be acceptable in the eyes of God

Demon – But God created everything – including the chocolate bar. What do you say to that Angel boffin?

Angel – God made all things, but man, woman under the influence of the evil one polluted God’s perfect creation so now there are weeds and all that is detestable to God. The chocolate bar is a weed to be chopped down by the Black and Decker power tool and used as compost in a medium sized suburban garden

Demon – (Mocks) Blah, blah, blah.. now woman, what is your decision?

Angel – Yes my friend, will you follow the heavenly help and resist the temptation?

Woman – Look, I can’t decide.. (walks to the chocolate and breaks it in half). I’ll have half the bar.. (walks off stage)


1. Where do we struggle with temptation?

2. What help does God promise us with temptation? (Matthew 6.13, Luke 20.40, 46, 1 Corinthians 10.13, Hebrews 2.18, 4.15) 

3. What insights does the sketch give you into the way the evil one tempts you?

4. Is ‘partial’ obedience genuine obedience?

5. In what ways can we offer our whole selves (spirit, soul, body) to God?