Freedom Writers

Freedom Writers is probably the most inspirational movie I have ever seen.The fact that it is based on a true story makes it even more remarkable. It is about how one teacher helped many students change their lives and their world. It is about the power of love, hope and believing in young people. Truly remarkable story and brilliant movie. Rated ’12’ in the UK.

Honestly, you want to get this DVD!

Change / Believing in yourself and others / Working Together 

Chapter 10 – ‘Toast For Change’

Timing: 1:06:15 – 1:12:00, from when the one student decides to change classes – to when the scene cuts from the classroom.

Warning – this is a very powerful and moving clip. I’d advise watching it before if you’re emotional, so you’re prepared!

Trust / Investing in lives / Telling the story / Loving the ‘unlovely’ / Racial Division

Chapter 6 – ‘The Line’

Timing: (not from start of chapter). 39:02 – 45:23 (from Mrs Gruwell chatting about books to scene cutting from classroom to Mrs Gruwell’s home)

Tough lives / Brutality of the streets

Chapter 7 – ‘War Stories’ 

Timing: (clip doesn’t start right at the beginning of the chapter or continue to the end). 46:50 – 51:42 (from camera shot of outside of the school, to when the scene cuts to Hilary Swank in a bar with her father).

Warning – one of the young lads says (about a gun), “we’ve got the real s**t here..” / you also have the phrase, “it’s a crazy a** life”. This clip has some violence / domestic violence in it. This is real, not graphic but raw.

Heroes / Taking a stand for truth 

Chapter 12 – ‘Heroes’

Timing: 1:19:09 – 1:25:22 (picture of Mrs Gruwell by board – scene cutting from school) 

Alternative timing – 1:21:41 – 1:25:22 (graffiti of ‘Miep Gies’ on wall – scene cutting from school)