Identity 2

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 Download the essential PowerPoint file here (created January 2019)

Identity Part 2

The PowerPoint is of an old game, ‘The Price Is Right’. In this, you are shown various objects and have to guess the price.

The PowerPoint has a page of black at either end. Just click to go through the slides. There are 6 objects to identify the price for. For each object, there is a large photo with an image and 3 prices. The correct answer is then revealed on the next page.

You’ll want to get a volunteer up to do the quiz, or a couple of friends who can discuss the best prices. Crowd involvement in helping them is up to you, and dependent on how good your crowd control skills are!! Prizes to the volunteers at the end. 

The Point

We are so keen to buy the latest gadgets and brands these days. Advertising tells us that if we buy something, it will change our life. But it’s not true at all. Someone once said, ‘the more I buy, the more dissatisfied I become.’ This can be true, as ‘stuff’ becomes a burden. Did you know that many people buy a posh new car, and are then too scared to drive it in case it gets damaged? How crazy is that?!

The truth is that there is so much more to life than things. We can’t take these things with us when we die, and an object can never truly satisfy our deep needs and give us a real life. We cannot give any real value to our life by the stuff that we own. 

You are worth so much more than any object. Your life is worth so much more than what you wear, what you own and where you go. As a Christian I strongly believe that when God looks at you, he sees someone incredible, someone unique and someone with such value that he gave his life for you. Christians believe that God created us and made us in his image. The Bible, which we believe is the written words of God, says that when God made man and woman, he looked down and was dead chuffed with what he’d made, saying it was really good. 

God loves you. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re not valuable. You are incredibly, uniquely valuable. You are worth so much, more than you can imagine. Christians believe that because God loves us, if we say to God, ‘come into my life and show me you’re real’ that he will take all your value, and do something with your life that’s even more amazing. Even if you don’t believe in or love God, know that he believes in and loves you.