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Bible: 1 Corinthians 4, 1 Corinthians 7.17-24

This sketch is a parody of what people believe you need to do to be a Christian. It parodies people putting ‘religion’ in place of the truth of believing in and following Jesus Christ. The final part is optional..! 

There are 2 drunkards with bottle of ‘red wine’ (i.e. Ribena). They stagger in and realise they’re in church and so try to do what they think people ‘do in church’. 

They therefore pick up a ‘Bible’ – or what they think is a Bible (make sure it’s not a Bible!) In our case, we had them pick up a children’s ‘learn to read’ book (any amusing book title will do). They then read this through in as holy a manner as they can.

They then move on to other religious things – such as having communion (sipping the wine from the bottle.) This idea is constantly replayed – ‘More communion?’ ‘Yes. I love communion.’ (as they drink more and more wine).

The next thing is baptism – with one throwing a glass of water over the other. 

Then they ‘kneel’ to pray – i.e. they sink or fall onto their knees because they’re so drunk. They then stagger back up.

Then they move on to confession, by both confessing to each other that they’re drunk. Then confessing that each other is more drunk than the other, before coming to blows about it. They then stop fighting as they’re in church and confess they were fighting and apologise to each other.

Then they start to sing some songs – drunkenly, ‘Swing low sweet chariot’ and maybe ‘Rule Britannia’ and so on. Nothing too spiritual!

They then remember they’ve forgotten to greet each other or speak to the new people – so they speak to each other because they’re both new.

Finally they talk about something that only males must do ‘to be a Christian.’ They pick up a knife (hinting towards circumcision) before deciding this is something they don’t want to do and leave! This may be pushing the boundaries so it’s up to you if you include this part!!

(If 2 females are playing this part they can decide they have to put hats on, or perhaps whisper to each other that they’re not allowed to speak in church – not that we believe the Bible tells us to do this!!)

The sketch ends. 

The point

Is that there are many things people did in the Bible in the name of religion (especially the Pharisees). There is a brilliant bit in Matthew 23.1-36 where Jesus lays into the Pharisees and their hypocrisy saying that they obey the rules but do not have love in their hearts.

Today in our churches and our own lives we still have religious rules (adding things to the Bible and to what the Holy Spirit calls us to do) no matter what our denomination. James 1.27 says religion that God accepts as pure and without fault is caring for orphans and widows and keeping yourself free from the evil influence of the world.

This is also a good chance to re-affirm things like:

– why we meet together (Heb 10.25)

– why we share communion (1 Cor 11.17-34)

– baptism (Mt 3.13-17, Acts 2.38-39, Eph 4.4-6).

– worship (Ephesians 5.19)