Welcome to the Parables Section

The parables were previously in the talks menu. These have their very own unique section now. They’re very proud, believe me – but in a Godly way…

This is a section on the parables Jesus told as found in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. We did a series on these so more will be added in time as we can get them down.

In Acts 13:36, the Bible talks about David serving God in his own generation. Rick Warren makes the point that David served God – and he did so in his own generation, effectively in the style of that generation. Jesus used parables in the same way – speaking the language and using the situations people in his day could relate to.

Remember this advice when you are using these parables. Use the Bible to bring God’s Word into modern day situations. As Rick Warren says, we need to be ‘audio-visual’ Christians (walking the walk and talking the talk). So use parables, stories and whatever other audio-viusal means to bring God’s truth to life.