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The Scene

Bible Passage: Matthew 28 – looking at going on mission. This is set at a fake interview for the Baptist Missionary Society (change the name appropriate to the denomination of your church). This is not an anti-Baptist sketch, so don’t send round the Baptist Union heavies or I’ll set my dog on them…

You’ll need 3 performers, one only on stage briefly. 

The sketch

Interviewer – Okay. Thanks for putting your names forward to be missionaries for Baptist Missionary Society. Here’s 2 questionnaires for you to fill in. I’ll be back in 1 hour (paper down & walks off)

(Candidates 1 & 2 sit down in front of papers – John and Paul)

John – (reads) ‘Name’. John Smith.. Address hmmmm (writes it)

Paul – (reads) ‘Date of Birth’. None of your business mate

(Together) – (read) ‘Sex’. (pause, look at each other and burst out laughing)

John – (reads) ‘Are you a Christian?’ Of course I’m a Christian, I’m British!

Paul – (reads) ‘Denomination?’… And de nominations are – me – for cheesiest joke so far!

John – (reads) ‘What Christian activity are you currently undertaking?’… (Pause, thinks about it) A questionnaire for the Baptist Missionary Society.

Paul – (reads) ‘How do you feel about sex before marriage?’… (Pause, thinking about it) Pessimistic (laughs) – Only joking, I disagree with that.

John – (reads) ‘Are you interested in serving in the UK or abroad?’… Wherever the sun shines and there are fit babes

Paul – (reads) ‘Education’. Done that already I want to go abroad.

John – (reads) ‘Degrees’ . Preferably above 30.

Paul – (reads) ‘Any history of insanity in the family’ Mmm I’ll cross out the ‘in’. Any history of sanity in the family absolutely none.

John – (reads) ‘Work experience’ Mmm No thanks.

Paul – (reads) ‘Year of circumcision, if it’s not too personal?’… How much more personal do you want to get?

John – (reads) ‘How long has God been calling you to full-time Christian service?’… Full time Christian service? I thought this was for a free holiday I’m off

(They both scatter their papers onto the floor and leave quickly)

Interviewer – (Walks back into the room).. They’ve scarpered. Baptists..!


Why should we go on mission? 

Do we need to go abroad to do mission? 

What has Jesus said to us about building his Kingdom? 

How can we do it more effectively? 

What can you do?