Barbershop 2

This is all about Choices. In Barbershop 2 (which is a 15 incidentally), Kalvin (the owner of the barbershop) has competition in the form of a new barbershop opening opposite. This is all part of a plan from a developer to force out the local community to build new housing and businesses, breaking up the community. It appears the local government is on the side of the developer too.

Cut to Scene / Chapter 26 – Timing is 1:12:06 when the developer says, ‘Kalvin, all you have to do is talk’ then continue to the end of the chapter when the councillor says ‘Win Win’ (timing 1:13:42). Be careful to edit out or fade down the word ‘s**t’ when the government official says ‘s**t load of money’ around 1:12:30.

Then you need Scene / Chapter 29 – Kalvin walks out of the barbershop on the way to the council meeting about the development of the neighbourhood. He has a choice to make, will he take the money offered to him or will he stick up for the community? Again, there’s an edit of the word, ‘s**t’ when Kalvin stands to talk and says, ‘I’m not down with that s**t’ (timing 1:25:42 – 1:24:43). The scene ends when the people clap Kalvin’s speech (timing 1:27:00 onwards, maybe 1:28:00). He also talks about why Jesus wept. It’s quite powerful. See the movie!


This is the first movie, and probably a better movie all in all. The themes we can get from this movie include those of community, consequences and friends…

Forgiveness, restoration – In Chapter 28, we find 2 of the barber’s who haven’t got along, with the white guy being accused of not being real, of trying to be black. Many clients haven’t been to use the white barber. In this scene we find the black barber ask the white barber to hook him up with a decent haircut. This isn’t about ‘reverse racism’ but about relationships being restored, built, about forgiveness. The point is also that we are all human. In Galatians we find that there in Christ, we are all the same. Clip is 1.22.30 – 1.25.12.

Believing in someone – Chapter 29, we find that Calvin has paid bail for Ricky, who has been charged by the police for a crime he did not commit. We see a change take place in Ricky, who throws away his gun. This is about believing in someone, helping them, about supporting them through thick and thin. Jesus loves us, despite all our failings and faults. Clip is 1.26.55 – 1.28.58

Community – Chapter 31. This can be used in combination with the start of Chapter 24. The Barbershop has been bought back and the whole fam are there. There’s a bit of entertainment, as ever, with Cedric the Entertainer. Short clip, but can be used. Just fade before Eve shouts, ‘who drank my g***m apple juice..’ 

Value – (halfway through chapter 25) – at 1.13.30 to 1.16.32, we find Calvin wak out of the barbershop. Then Cedric the Entertainer joins him. Calvin lets him know he’s sold the barbershop. Cedric is fuming and explains how much the barbershop means. Calvin says, ‘I just realised today this is something worth saving.’ Jesus thinks the same about you and me. We’re valuable, he hasn’t given up on us. Instead he died on the Cross for us. (You may want to fade down the ‘g****n’ on 1.14.15)