Field of Dreams

Field Of Dreams

Kevin Costner in the movie that made his career stars as Roy Kinsella, a Iowa farmer who makes his cornfield into a baseball pitch after hearing a mysterious voice when walking in his field. This is a ‘spiritual movie’ full of hope, vision and faith.

Early on in the movie, Roy is walking in his field when he hears a voice whispering through the cornfield saying, ‘If you build it, he will come.’ He doesn’t know what it means. This happens a couple times. When Roy discovers he is being called to build a baseball field, people laugh at him. He does build it however and Shoeless Joe Jackson returns to that field to play ball. You can take a clip from these early parts of the movie. Or from the part of the movie where the field is being built and other farmers are laughing.


 The clip is Chapter 3 (08:34 – 11:03)

Do you have a vision for your life? In the movie, Kevin Costner hears a voice (quietly spoken) and responds. He gets a vision and then the movie is the outworking of that vision.

 The voice that Kevin Costner hears is in Chapter 2 (from 03:42 onwards)

Question – do we hear God’s still quiet voice and respond? How can we be more sensitive? Have you acted on something God has asked you to do?

Question – do you have a vision for your life, or small visions? Ask God for one.


 The clip is Chapter 28 (01:17:22). You can play up to Chapter 31 (01:26:20)

Roy’s cousin is there and he cannot see the baseball players out there on the field that Roy has built. However, after a moment when Roy’s daughter falls off the stand and has her life saved by ‘Doc’, the cousin can suddenly see the players on the field.

Right at the end of the movie, you hear both ‘Terence Mann’ (and the daughter before she falls) assure the financially-stricken Roy and wife that ‘people will come see a line of traffic coming towards the farm, people coming as prophesied.

So many good points in this movie, around faith, belief, pushing ahead despite the doubters, having a ‘can-do’ attitude, vision, even prophecy and more..