What Dreams May Come

What Dreams May Come

Note this movie is quite depressing through a lot of it but has a happy ending which is always nice!

It is bizarre with interesting interpretations of heaven and hell. But so what as this can stimulate discussion around what is heaven and hell..

In this movie (which carries a 15 rating), Robin Williams plays a man who meets his soul mate and finds happiness but his life is shattered by the death of his 2 children. He himself then dies and finds himself in heaven where someone we take to be an angel helps him out, His wife, overcome with the pain of her losses eventually kills herself although you don’t see this. Unfortunately for her, she ends up in a hell.

The poor guy Robin can’t bear life apart from his wife, even when he finds out the guy helping him is his son, and a woman helping him is his daughter. No, he must rescue his wife from hell so in to hell he goes.. I won’t spoil the movie but it all works out in the end.. aahhh.. Still it is an unrealistic and kooky movie in parts..

The clips you can take are of when Robin arrives in heaven, when he goes to hell and the end scenes. Interesting take on the whole re-incarnation thing which again should lead to discussion as this sure isn’t Biblical or truthful. But let the debate commence..