Welcome to the Movies, Films, Video Clips Section

This is a resource for using film, movie, video, download and DVD clips to illustrate talks, points and ideas from the Bible and life. These are useful in church sessions, assemblies, youth work talks and even for teachers in schools.

All these have the movie / film name and then the points you can bring out. There are many more points you can get – we hope this will help and get you thinking. For example we used Finding Nemo to illustrate spreading the Gospel. There are now many movies listed on this site, each with several points you can bring out. Not all of the movie clips are within the movie section – try the assemblies, sessions and talks sections to find a number of other clips with DVD timings.

Where possible we try to list the Chapter on the DVD, and give timings where we can. Most sections are broken down into the name of the movie, how they illustrate points. On some sections, we don’t give the exact timings from the DVD but give the outline of the clip and where it can be found. This also helps with movie downloads.