Islands – Part 1

The UK is made up of several islands. There is a huge island (the ‘mainland’) with England, Wales and Scotland. Then Northern Ireland is on another island. But there are also lots of other smaller islands dotted around the mainland – places like Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Wight, Anglesey, Isle of Man, Lundy, Lindisfarme (Holy Island), Skye, Arran and many more. There is incredible diversity in these islands and God handcrafted every one of them!

Isaiah 42:12 – Let them give glory to the LORD and proclaim his praise in the islands.

The rock in our picture is a place off the coast of Cornwall. At times the tide goes out and you can walk to the island (bottom left of the photo). But at other times, when the tide comes in, the rock is surrounded by water, becoming an island…

Sometimes, it’s important not to cut ourselves off from people in a negative way, but to just get away and make time and space for God to speak to us. It’s not a good idea to close ourselves off from people for a long time as God didn’t design us like this. But whether we like being on our own, or whether we like being around people, it is good to spend time each day with God. This means shutting out other stuff that may distract us. If you like music on that’s cool, but if it takes your focus away from God, just turn it off for a bit. 

Make yourself a bit like an ‘island’ – this may mean shutting your door, shutting your eyes or even going off somewhere on your own with your Bible or a pen and paper to write, draw etc. Even Jesus spent time alone with his Father. So we can’t get a better example than that!

Mark 1.35 – Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed

A Prayer: Lord, help me to spend time alone with you every day. I want to hear from you and to spend time with you through the Bible, notes, music, prayer – in the best way for me as you made me. Please show me what to do, help me to hear from you as I spend time alone with you. Amen.