Like Jesus

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To look at being like Jesus through a fun sketch.

Please note – this sketch is not intended to be disrespectful to Jesus in any way. We want to relate to Jesus for who he is – the Word of God made flesh (John 1.14), the one who holds the universe together with his Word (Hebrews 11.3), seated on the right hand of God in heaven (Hebrews 11.3) and the Holy one who will return one day in power to judge justly (Revelation 19.11-13). 

This sketch is to parody some of what people may do to be more like Jesus. There are some questions at the end relating to the sketch. Please also read through the Bible verses above to gain a greater understanding of who Jesus is (John 1.14, Hebrews 11.2-3, Revelation 19.11-13)

Stage Directions and Information

Set at “The Gentleman’s Complete Outfitters.”

Sketch is for 2 people. Customer is a bit of a gentleman, perhaps wearing some nice clothes. The other character is the man serving, complete with dickie bow, shirt, waistcoat and the customary tape measure draped around his neck.

The sketch

(Door opens, in walks the customer)

Customer – Good afternoon.

Man serving – Good afternoon Sir. How may I help you?

Customer – I’ve got a bit of an odd request and wondered if you could help me.

Man serving – Aha, you’re looking for a flamboyant outfit perhaps? Something Italian?

Customer – Not exactly.

Man serving – You’d like something with different colours?

Customer – No, I’d like to be more like Jesus.

Man serving – (Pauses, thinks). Er, I see. 

Customer – Yes, I’d like to be more like Jesus and wondered if you could help me.

Man serving – You mean you’d like to be more like Jesus of the Bible?

Customer – Yes, that’s right.

Man serving – I see.

Customer – So if you could perhaps kit me out with the necessary gear. Maybe you have a white cloak that I could wear?

Man serving – I’m sure I could stitch something together if that’s what you’d like.

Customer – Good. Yes, and I’d like a blue satin kind of thing to go over the top. You know, perhaps a purple cord to go around the waist.

Man serving – Right, so you’d like a white cloak, a blue satin throw and a purple cord?

Customer – That’s right. (Takes out a list, then pauses as he scans the list). Now, I’ll also be needing a pair of sandals.

Man serving – Will that be with socks? Socks and sandals, or just sandals on their own?

Customer – (Snaps). Without, of course. Jesus didn’t wear socks.

Man serving – No, of course. You’re absolutely right. 

Customer – (shaking his head as if the man serving is an idiot). Now, I also need a few other bits and bobs..

Man serving – Of course sir. You’ll be needing a beard I presume.

Customer – (Looks us from his list. Pauses and then responds ). Of course I need a beard you fool. Everyone knows that Jesus had a beard.

Man serving – Yes of course sir. How foolish of me. One beard needed.

Customer – Now, I don’t just need a beard. I need a wig with long flowing black locks that I can throw about in the wind like a hair shampoo advert.

Man serving – One hair shampoo wind flowing set of locks needed as well. Is there anything else?

Customer – Yes, I’d like to have blue eyes please.

Men serving – I’m sorry. You say you’d like blue eyes.

Customer – Yes. Jesus had blue eyes. I’ve seen it in all the movies.

Man serving – But your eyes are green, sir. Perhaps some blue contact lenses?

Customer – If I must. And I’ll need vocal training.

Man serving – Vocal training sir? Are you wanting to sing sir?

Customer – (Looks annoyed). Of course not you moron. I need vocal coaching to change my accent to become very well-spoken English.

Man serving – Because Jesus was of course English and spoke in an English accent. He wasn’t at all from Israel and speaking Aramaic…

Customer – Of course not. Don’t be ridiculous you buffoon. Everyone knows Jesus was English. Now get a move on. I can’t waste my time messing around talking to people like you.

Man serving – People like me, sir? I thought Jesus spent a lot of time talking to people like me…

Customer – Don’t be ridiculous man. You really are a stupid little man aren’t you? Now, I’ll be back here in 3 days time and I’ll expect you to help me be more like Jesus by then.

Man serving – 3 days sir? (Mumbles). I’m not sure you could become like Jesus in 3 years… (Then speaks out loud). Are you expecting to die and rise again sir?

Customer – Look here, don’t be so impertinent. Of course I’m not going to die and rise again.

Man serving – I thought you wanted to be more like Jesus, sir.

Customer – Look everyone knows all that stuff about dying and rising again is absolute poppycock, absolute rot. Just get me the kit – the clothes and the beard etc. and I’ll be more like Jesus.

Man serving – As you say sir.

(Customer exits shop).

Questions and thoughts

OK, so this sketch is ridiculous. We know we can’t be more like Jesus by what we wear! (Not even by wearing What Would Jesus Do bands around our wrist – although these are a great idea).

But what does the Bible say about becoming more like Jesus?

How does this process of being more like Jesus happen?

Does the Bible have anything to say about us playing our part in making changes in life?

What about the customer’s attitude in the sketch? How do we treat people – our parents, family, friends, other Christians?

What kinds of people did Jesus associate with? How did he treat them?

We also know that the story of Jesus dying and rising again is absolutely true. The Bible confirms it and we see it in the lives of millions of believers around the world. But do you know the basics of the Christian faith? Have you made a commitment to Jesus – to give him your whole heart, whole life?

John 14.6 says, “Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

If you don’t know Jesus, today is the day to ask him to come into your heart, to change you to be more like him (he’ll change you inside, not on the outside!) Say sorry for all the wrong you’ve done, tell Jesus you believe in him and want him to be in charge of your life from now on. Do this by simply talking to God – just as if he was standing next to you. Then tell someone that you’ve prayed this to God and the adventure starts here…!