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There are many times in life when we need to get better. Usually we think about getting better when we’re ill. Maybe you see a Doctor or go to hospital and they diagnose the problem and treat it. But there are loads of different ways that we all need healing. We’ll look at these in a minute.

Some people think about healing and strange, weird and wonderful types who promise healing through crystals or other false ways of tricking people. But Christians believe healing has got nothing to do with people, but with Jesus. And before you switch off, just take time to listen…

Miracle Maker

A few years ago, a movie was made about the life of Jesus. They mixed together drawn animation with claymation to create an animated movie showing the key events in the life of Jesus. A Christian band called Delirious also wrote a song called ‘Miracle Maker’ about Jesus. But why?

The Bible says this in a book called Matthew – “Jesus went throughout Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, preaching the good news of the kingdom, and healing every disease and sickness among the people.”

(Matthew 4.23)

Christians believe that Jesus healed people and that Jesus still heals people today. Many Christians will tell you stories about healings that they have seen directly. Sometimes these are physical and happen straight away; sometimes they are physical but take time; other times the healing is emotional, mental and spiritual. 

The Bible tells us that Jesus healed people who were blind; people who were tormented and had terrible mental health problems; people who couldn’t speak; people with other physical problems; even raising the dead! 

Some examples of healing stories on video

From Andrew Wommack – https://www.awmi.net/ministry-focus/healing-center/ (accessed January 2019). The site features videos of people who have been healed (many of which are attested to by medical professionals).

The link includes video clips of the healings. DVDs of these are also available from the website. This is a Christian site from the USA.

Blood Diamond clip 1 

In this clip, a father (Solomon) re-connects with his son who has been taken from him and forcibly made to be a child soldier…

From the movie Blood Diamond. ‘You’re not a bad boy.’ (accessed January 2019)

The son has been brainwashed to kill people. But his father still loves him, reaches out to him and they are restored as father and son. This is the kind of healing that God wants for us.

Blood Diamond 2

Solomon carries an injured Danny (when he could choose to walk away). Danny is a diamond dealer and hasn’t been great towards Solomon but when Danny is injured, Solomon chooses to help him…

Blood Diamond – ‘You Take Your Boy Home’ (accessed January 2019)

In this clip, we find that although Danny has done wrong things and even abused Solomon, Solomon decides to help Danny – showing him a love and concern that Danny doesn’t deserve. In this way, some of Danny’s issues are helped as he allows someone to care for him. This is the kind of love that Christians believe God has for us, even though our actions don’t deserve God’s love!


Christians believe that Jesus came to help us, to set us free, to make us who we truly are. The phrase some Christians use for this is ‘being saved’. In the Greek, this word is ‘sozo’. So what, you say! Well, this is amazing news! Very often when the Bible talks about Jesus and healing, the writers use this word ‘sozo’. What it means is that Jesus cares about seeing you helped in every way. 

If we were to go around the room and ask how many people are ill; how many people have been hurt by someone’s words; how many people have been rejected; how many people have felt lonely; how many people have cried or been in pain; how many people have suffered loss… If we asked these questions, it would be all of us. We’ve all been hurt, physically and emotionally inside of us. But Christians believe the good news (what they call ‘the gospel’) about Jesus is that he cares so much about you, he wants to see you healed. Not everyone gets healed, but Christians believe that one day the people who believe in Jesus will go to heaven where everything and everyone will be perfect with no pain. Listen to this…

Revelation 21.4 – “(God) will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.”

The Bible

Imagine a world like this! Christians believe this is what Jesus means by healing and the good news is that it’s available to everyone who comes to Jesus and asks. Just like a present that someone offers you – it’s available but in order to have the present, you have to take it.