The Hobbit 1

The Hobbit – The Unexpected Journey

Rated 12 in the UK as it ‘contains moderate violence’. Movie does include a couple of beheadings (of orcs etc).


Chapter 4-5 (00:15:55 – 00:20:10). Ends with the words, “Cheese knife? He eats it by the block…”

Bilbo Baggins is reluctantly disturbed by a series of dwarf guests who turn his quiet-life and fully-stocked pantry upside down!

Point – If you do anything for one of these, you did it for me said Jesus. Are we hospitable?


Chapter 7 (00:30:51 – 00:33:49). Ends with Bilbo walking off saying, “Sorry Gandalf, you’ve got the wrong hobbit.”

Point – The world isn’t in maps and inside the house, the world is ‘out there’, says Gandalf. Are we living a life of adventure and fullness that Jesus promised us in John 10.10? If not, it’s time to ‘get out of the boat’ and ‘get out there’ following God’s call on your life to love him and love others…


Chapter 7 (00:33:40 – 00:35:20). Clip starts with Bilbo walking off telling Gandalf he has the wrong hobbit and then goes into a conversation with Thorin about loyalty.

Point – will we follow Jesus wherever he leads us?

Saying ‘Yes’ to God

Chapter 8 (00:36:52 – 00:40:14). Starts with Bilbo in an empty house and ends with him riding on a pony!

Point – There comes a moment in our lives where we have a choice to make. The easy life or the God-life. Sign the paper and say yes to God !

God will be with you / the small things

Chapter 20 (01:36:53 – 01: 38:52). Starts with the camera lifting up to show the mountains. Ends with Gandalf standing alone as Galadriel leaves him. 

Point – at 01:37:53. Gandalf talks about the small things being significant – every act of kindness that keep the darkness at bay. This is an amazing point. Often we look for the ‘big things’ in Christian things but it’s often the small things that make the biggest difference.

Point – Galdriel whispers not to be afraid and that she will be with Gandalf in his journey. Whenever he needs her, he should call for her and she will be there. This is the power of prayer and the way of God who never leaves us!

Standing up to serve others

Chapter 29 (02:14:25 – 02:17:06). Starts with the dwarfs running down the hill. Thorin publicly doubts Bilbo again but this time, Bilbo steps right up. He is asked why he came back to support the dwarfs and replies that he wants to help them find their home! It ends with Bilbo saying he’ll help and the camera pans around the dwarfs.

Point – There are times when God asks us to stand, or to help other people or simply to serve. Are we going to obey him and help others selflessly?


Chapter 30 (02:22:55 or 02:24:24- 02:25:30 or when the eagles fly in to help – an answer to ‘prayer’). Thorin walks down to confront the evil orc Azog (or when Azog has thrown Thorin to the ground and asks an orc to bring his head). It ends with the start of the battle when the dwarfs take courage from Bilbo’s stand or when the eagles fly in to help etc, you decide!

Point – Bilbo forgets himself and shows true courage. Are we prepared to take a stand, show courage and inspire others too!

Point – the eagles coming is an answer to prayer! God answers our prayer!

Band of brothers

Chapter 31 (02:27:39 or 02:29:09 with Gandalf standing over Thorin – 02:31:47 as they see the lonely mountain, Erabor and Bilbo rather naively says ‘I do believe the worst is behind us’).

Point – Bilbo and the band of brothers stand together. As a Christian you have been accepted not because of what you do but because of Jesus. But when you meet Jesus, you will do things even though like Bilbo, you may not be or feel like a warrior or a ‘hero’.