Few spoilers

This contains a few spoilers so spoiler alert..


Paddington is a harmless (PG rated) movie that has a number of good points in. It’s also quite a rare film in that it’s a British film that is humorous without being rude, offers hope, isn’t depressing and is uplifting!

Paddington battles with acceptance, adapting to a new culture and loneliness. But in the end he finds love, warmth and a home! There’s also a brilliant Scottish nanny called Mrs Bird who ends up saving the day!

One of my favourite little movies!


The family take in Paddington and grow to love him as one of their own. The family bump into Paddington on 00:12:37. Yes, they end up disagreeing and feel like they have to take him in – but the fact is they do! (00:12:56).

01:18:20 – Mrs Brown (the mother) says, ‘we’re family’ (talking of Paddington)

Then at 01:20:30 we see Mr Brown come home and Paddington part of the family!

The restoration of a slightly dysfunctional family

It is Paddington’s influence that brings the family together. Early on we see that the dad is a bit distant from his wife and children. His wife paints and is a story writer. Her story needs a hero and she can’t put a face to the hero (00:24:50). Later on, we find that she’s able to fill in the face of the hero – with her husband.

Scene at 01:17:46 when the family rescue him.

This concludes at 01:21:52 when Paddington summarises the good that has happened in the family.

Diversity (in a good way)

The family take in someone ‘different’ (Paddington) and love him. On 00:12:37, the father sees Paddington and says, ‘Oh, stranger danger’ and wants the family to walk on by, Sometimes we’re suspicious of what we don’t understand. But Jesus never was – perfect love conquers fear!

At 00:14:10 there’s a funny scene where Paddington eats. Definitely different!

Clip at 01:23:05 too about London and ‘difference’ and fitting in.

Caring for the orphan / refugee

Paddington leaves his homeland of Peru and comes to London.

Paddington is a ‘refugee’ (actually he’s an illegal immigrant!!) but he makes a contribution to the family and society that is powerful and felt by many people. Don’t write off people because they are from another nation. Jesus loved the Samaritan woman, the Roman Centurion and all those who came to him and because of this, they were all changed by him and left different to when they came to him.

See also the dialogue from the father – 01:18:24 through to 

Caring for others

Paddington also feeds a pigeon (00:11:35 mins) and then they keep coming back. But he shares what little he has to help others. The family also care for Paddington.


Paddington also steps us at 01:19:10 to give himself to save the family.


Paddington is told about how friendly London and the people are. But when he gets there he is ignored and feels like he must be doing something wrong. There’s also a clip at 00:23:46 when Paddington writes down his initial thoughts.

Later on when he feels he’s been the cause of problems, he runs away from the family. But they come to find him!