Toy Story 2

Thanks to Andrew Sumner for this content!

Toy Story 2 summary 

This is just as good as the first film with many of the same themes running through it. A toy store owner who plans to sell Woody to a museum in Japan steals him. The other toys must pull together to bring him back to the safety of Andy’s room.

Helping Others/Friendship/Teamwork

Woody is excited to go to cowboy camp with Andy but is upset because he can’t find his hat. The others help him search. Chapter 3

Rescue – saved

Andy’s mom is having a yard sale. She intends to sell him so Woody puts himself at risk in order to rescue him. Chapter 7.

When Al (toy store owner) steals Woody, the others work on a plan to get him back. Chapter 9.

All things work together for good

Andy accidentally rips Woody’s arm and then goes to cowboy camp without him. This leaves woody upset and confused. (Chapter 4) But later on we see that Andy only left him behind because he didn’t want to suffer any more damage. I think there are times when God does this with us. When plans fall through maybe God is protecting us from a harmful situation.

Taking risks

Woody asks Jessie to go with him and the others back to Andy’s room but she’s scared of the unknown and because she thinks Andy won’t like her but Woody reassures her. This spoke to me about how it’s good to step out of our comfort zone. When we step out, God begins to act. Chapter 28.

Restoration and Healing

The toy repairer fixes Woody’s ripped arm and cleans him up. This is what God does for us when we come to him. We are all broken damaged people but he works in us and gives us new life. Chapter 19.