Meaning Of Life

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What’s the Meaning Of Life?

Have you ever thought about what the meaning of life is? Some people say that life has no meaning and that we’re just floating around, the result of chance, a cosmic accident. Others say that we’re just another species like animals. Others live life to succeed, get rich, be famous.

So what is the meaning of life? Is there one? Does my life count? Can we find the meaning of life? This is a question that so many people have.

Are you more than just a random collection of atoms in a body?

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Monty Python – Meaning Of Life

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Monty Python – The Meaning Of Life (official)

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Soul II Soul – Get A Life

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Soul II Soul – What’s The Meaning Of Life

Soul II Soul (with the famous Jazzy Jeff) asked this question way back when and decided the answer was to dream of your own goals and then achieve what’s in your mind to achieve. This way you’d elevate your mind and free your soul. They wanted their body to take control of their life.

This thing called life
Know what’s the meaning of the line
Tell me
Well, it’s like dreaming of your goals
Ambitions for feeling free
I’m on this mission to achieve
Achieve what?
What’s in your mind’s eye

What’s the meaning
What’s the meaning of life
What’s the meaning
What’s the meaning of life

Elevate your mind, free your soul
Well, come on, come on
Feel the feeling, let your body take control

So what is the meaning of life?

Is the meaning of life the number 42 – or is the meaning of life about what the meaning of life could be? Is the meaning of life about pursuing your goal? I guess that depends what your goal is!

Imagine if you spent your whole life climbing the ladder of success, or fame, or money or sex or power, only to find at the end of your life that the ladder was propped up against the wrong building.

The novelist Jack Higgins who wrote a famous book called ‘The Eagle Has Landed’ said that what he wished he’d known when he was younger was that “when you get to the top, you find there’s nothing there.”

We can easily get lost in the world around us that is pretty self centred and basically says with a few exceptions, ‘life is all about you – what you think, what you want and what you can get.’ 

But when you die, you can’t take it all with you. So maybe, just maybe, life is about more than you. 

Life is about so much more than things. What about love, friendships, helping others, being kind, making a difference for good and making your life count in a good way? 

The truth is that right in our hearts is the desire for meaning, purpose, a reason for living, for value and for love. If we try to understand any of this without God, then we are left with no real answers, no real meaning, no real value and no real purpose other than to exist and then die. What a waste of life that would be.

In a book of the Bible the writer called Solomon had the greatest riches the world had ever seen. He had a palace filled with every woman he desired. Some people think this would be amazing. But what did he write?

“Meaningless! Meaningless!” says the Teacher. “Utterly meaningless! Everything is meaningless.”

Despite having everything, Solomon found that it was all empty. 

My life was one where I tried to find value in a gang, in football violence and even in music and drugs. But it was hollow. It was like a papier maché model that looked amazing but there was nothing on the inside and one day it fell apart when my brother was killed. But out of that I met with God and that has given me meaning, value, purpose and a reason and passion for living. 

Despite what many people say, I believe that life only makes sense and only has meaning if we know God. I’d encourage you to investigate what he says and to see that true meaning can be found when we know God.